I Need to Get More CRACK! – The Sweets Truck

We were able to visit The Sweets Truck last Saturday night while in South Pasadena. Actually you caught me, we drove out to South Pasadena to visit a couple of trucks. This was our second visit to the Sweets Truck.

From the Grilled Cheese Invitational (Our first visit)

They are a little different than your normal gourmet food truck or taco truck. They are a dessert and coffee shop on wheels. They offer a number of goodies, from cookies, to cupcakes, brownie bites and other creations. You can also get coffee from them as well. I am not sure what kind of coffee they offer but it tastes like good stuff.

This night we got four treats and a coffee to satisfy our cravings. I must admit we did not eat everything that night. We visited three trucks during this occasion but that is another story. The first sweet was a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Yum. The cupcake itself was not too sweet and it reminded me of a ding dong because it had some of the cream cheese frosting inside of it in addition to on top. That was a nice touch. The frosting was a little sweet if eaten by itself but it complimented the cake part nicely.

Red Velvet Cupcake

Second was their little bag of brownie bites. These were much better than I expected. They were not cut up pieces but seemed like little complete square brownies. Each one had a almost gooey center, which was a very nice touch. They had a dust of powdered sugar and are very addicting. We will get these again.

Brownie Bites

Then it is on to their CRACK bar! Cookie Casa makes these. I love these!! They had two types, regular crack and mint crack. Basically they are fudge cookie bar with caramel and chocolate chips. The mint one has a mint filling vs. caramel. Both are very addicting. Be careful, you will have to go back to get more! If nothing else you have to try these.

Regular CRACK!

Left: Mint Crack – Right: Regular Crack

On our first visit last month we also tried their Red Velvet “cookie”. This one threw us off a bit to be honest. They come in two sizes regular and mini. We got the regular and it is huge! It is a red velvet sandwich of two “cookies” with frosting on the inside. The “cookie” part is what threw us off. It is more like a cake in the shape of a cookie. It had a nice flavor but it was a little hard to eat running around. I will have to try this one again now that I know what to expect.

Red Velvet “Cookie”

On this last visit we got the pleasure of meeting Molly who I believe owns the truck. Like everyone else we have met she was very nice and super friendly. Their customer service gets a big thumbs up! They are very active on Twitter and do a lot to promote themselves and other trucks in the LA area. It seems like social media is really starting to work for them and you can tell they take it seriously. It was fun tweeting back and forth with them as we made our way through the event. We are looking forward to visiting them again in the future.

BTW don’t forget to try the Crack!

2 thoughts on “I Need to Get More CRACK! – The Sweets Truck

  1. I discovered the Sweets Truck at the Grilled Cheese Invitational and I had their Farmeeo which is the chocolate version of their red velvet cookie. YUM-MY! Can't wait to try them again. Great post. And now I wanna try the crack and the mini brownies.

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