Craft Cocktail Recipe: #090713 Penny Packer Bourbon with Allspice Dram

We recently picked up a copy of Savory Cocktails: Sour Spicy Herbal Umami Bitter Smoky Rich Strong by Greg Henry. In it was a drink that caught our eye, “The Spice Trail”. Clove infused honey syrup, gin, rye, allspice dram and bitters. It’s a very complex drink, and like every other recipe we get ourContinue reading “Craft Cocktail Recipe: #090713 Penny Packer Bourbon with Allspice Dram”

Craft Cocktail Recipe: #070313 California Sour

A New York Sour is a classic cocktail that we decided to tweak. It turned out really good on the first try which surprised us. It helped that we used a very good rye whiskey, spectacular Syrah and some of our own homemade simple syrup. This drink is very easy to make and surprisingly addictive.Continue reading “Craft Cocktail Recipe: #070313 California Sour”

Craft Cocktail Recipe: #062213 Perfecting the Mai Tai

The Mai Tai is a surprisingly difficult drink to nail down. Over the last couple of years, Kim and I have had oue share in the quest for the very best. Our favorite to date was from the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki beach at their Mai Tai Bar. To be specific, it is theContinue reading “Craft Cocktail Recipe: #062213 Perfecting the Mai Tai”

Craft Cocktail Recipe: #050513 Cinco de Mayo Strawberry Meyer Lemon Tequila Cocktail

Happy Cinco de Mayo! What better way to celebrate than with a tequila-based craft cocktail. Here is one we put together to battle those mad margaritas out there. It is fresh, fruity, citrusy and if you use an incredible tequila like we did, super smooth. Please let us know what you think. We are learningContinue reading “Craft Cocktail Recipe: #050513 Cinco de Mayo Strawberry Meyer Lemon Tequila Cocktail”

Craft Cocktail Recipe: #030213 Scotch, Meyer Lemons & Ginger

This drink was created by Kim (@Mrs_SNFoodies) from the ground up. She is usually involved in every drink recipe that we publish but she took this one to a whole new level of perfection. I probably tasted about nine different variations as she experimented with different spirits. I really think that the final ingredients selectedContinue reading “Craft Cocktail Recipe: #030213 Scotch, Meyer Lemons & Ginger”

Craft Cocktail Recipe: #030313 Asombroso Tequila, Blackberry & Meyer Lemon

One of my favorite things to do is look around the kitchen at the fresh ingredients available to me and think, “what would make a great cocktail?”. Doesn’t everyone think that way? This cocktail was inspired by blackberries, basil from our garden and Meyer lemons from Frieda’s Produce. I did not want to overwhelm theContinue reading “Craft Cocktail Recipe: #030313 Asombroso Tequila, Blackberry & Meyer Lemon”

Craft Cocktail Recipe: #022313 Sumo Tangerine & Corn Whiskey (Moonshine)

We recently were introduced to the glorious Sumo Tangerine, a baseball sized, easy to peel juicy ball of sweet goodness. Thank you Jason Quinn (Chef/Owner PlayGround DTSA). We ran out picked some up and I just had to make a cocktail. After doing a little research on different drink combinations I finally thought of this:Continue reading “Craft Cocktail Recipe: #022313 Sumo Tangerine & Corn Whiskey (Moonshine)”

Craft Cocktail Recipe: #012013 Blood Orange Margarita

This recipe is one of the easiest and best margaritas I think I make.  I think you will find this is a good all around margarita. Also I never add salt as I have noticed that it can take away from the freshness of the cocktail. INGREDIENTS: 3oz Patron Silver Tequila (Or opt for anContinue reading “Craft Cocktail Recipe: #012013 Blood Orange Margarita”

Craft Cocktail Recipe: #101212 Apple Cider and St. George Gin

Fall is a great time of year if you are into fresh pressed apple cider. Craft cocktails with apple cider are some of our favorites. From our latest invention from the test kitchen we came up with 101212. It was the best of this test session and we just had to share the recipe withContinue reading “Craft Cocktail Recipe: #101212 Apple Cider and St. George Gin”

Craft Cocktail Recipe: #082111 Cosmo Caliente a Saturday Night Foodies Original

Nothing like having friends over to the house to get Kim working hard to create new drinks. This is one of my new favorites, the Saturday Night Foodies Cosmo Caliente! Close to a traditional Cosmopolitan but with some backend heat to get the party going. Here is the recipe: 4oz Premium Vodka 2oz Cranberry JuiceContinue reading “Craft Cocktail Recipe: #082111 Cosmo Caliente a Saturday Night Foodies Original”