Event Wrap-up – Gourmet Food Trucks Rocked Orange County – OC Foodie Fest

Yesterday was the long anticipated OC Foodie Fest at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. Picture this, 50 of some of the best gourmet food trucks from Orange County and Los Angeles, along with bands, dance crews, art, Pretend City, and small booths selling arts and crafts. As you would expect, we, like the 8,500+Continue reading “Event Wrap-up – Gourmet Food Trucks Rocked Orange County – OC Foodie Fest”

DinDin-A-GoGo Orange County is a Hit!

Tonight was the first DinDin-A-GoGo in Irvine. What a fun and packed night it was. We got there right when it started and already there was a good crowd of people waiting for the five food trucks to open their windows. DinDin-A-GoGo is a weekly event on Thursday nights in Gardena. Tropical Shave Ice andContinue reading “DinDin-A-GoGo Orange County is a Hit!”

DinDin-A-GoGo Comes to the OC! – K1 Speed – Irvine, CA

DinDin-A-GoGo is a gourmet food truck gathering on Thursday nights at the K1 Speed in Gardena, CA. This weekly event founded by Eric Nakata of Lomo Arigato started with two trucks, Lomo Arigato and Tropical Shave Ice. Eric invites 2-3 additional trucks every week to keep things fresh for the guests. So that means everyContinue reading “DinDin-A-GoGo Comes to the OC! – K1 Speed – Irvine, CA”

Food Truck Revolution – Cooking Channel

There are two very good shows centered around food trucks beaming into your TV every week.  The first is The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network.  The second premiered last night, Food Truck Revolution on the Cooking Channel.  Food Truck Revolution takes a deeper look at the trucks, culture and scene that is sweeping theContinue reading “Food Truck Revolution – Cooking Channel”

Great Food Truck Race – Food Network

In case you missed it there is a new show that is centered around the Gourmet Food Truck craze.  Tyler Florence is the host of the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network.  The first episode that aired on Sunday night was a wild ride as seven food trucks armed with $500 dollars chargedContinue reading “Great Food Truck Race – Food Network”

Win Tickets to the OC Foodie Fest

Recently we did a write up about the fast approaching OC Foodie Fest.  The event on August 28, 2010 and will be held at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA.  There will be 50 of the top Southern California food trucks plus music, dance crews, shopping and it will help support local charities.   HowContinue reading “Win Tickets to the OC Foodie Fest”

Food Truck Invasion in the OC – OC Foodie Fest

You know we are very big fans of gourmet food trucks. Big cities like Los Angeles and New York have tons of options and the list of new food trucks grows daily. Orange County is still figuring this whole food truck thing out. There are about 10 trucks and a number of those have startedContinue reading “Food Truck Invasion in the OC – OC Foodie Fest”

Long Beach Street Food Festival 2010

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this year there seem to be a ton of foodie events going on in Southern California. It is hard to keep up with them all! This past weekend was the first ever Long Beach Street Food Festival. You may have read the article we wrote leading up toContinue reading “Long Beach Street Food Festival 2010”

Making the Taco Gourmet – Dos Chinos – Santa Ana, CA

One of these days I may have to visit a regular restaurant but that just seems almost like a chore. Food trucks are still so much fun and I keep finding ones that really take their food to the next level. Dos Chinos is no exception. They do gourmet tacos! We are talking fancy marinades,Continue reading “Making the Taco Gourmet – Dos Chinos – Santa Ana, CA”

Win Tickets to the Long Beach Street Food Festival

If you are a foodie or a gourmet food truck fan like we are, and live near Long Beach, CA, then you are in luck!  On July 24, the Long Beach Street Food Festival will host 20 of your favorite gourmet food trucks (such as @slicetruck, @coolhaus, @thegreasywiener, @thesweetstruck, @buttermilktruck, etc.) and have live entertainment. Continue reading “Win Tickets to the Long Beach Street Food Festival”