Some Crazy Cool Doughnuts – Voodoo Doughnut – Portland, OR

Portland is known for a lot of things, it’s great foodie culture, amazing street food and if you look at Yelp or Urbanspoon, you are bound to see a place called Voodoo Doughnut. This is a crazy little bakery in downtown that always has a line of fans waiting to get their hands on someContinue reading “Some Crazy Cool Doughnuts – Voodoo Doughnut – Portland, OR”

Oyster Bar – Palace Station, Las Vegas, NV

Kim and I love trying new places and really like when our friends and followers suggest new places for us to try. So far, we have been very lucky and a most of the suggestions have been awesome. The Oyster Bar at Palace Station was one of those great suggestions. Be prepared to wait inContinue reading “Oyster Bar – Palace Station, Las Vegas, NV”

A muffu whatta? – Central Grocery Co., LA

Ever since we started watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, a TV show on the Food Network, we find more and more great shows that highlight amazing food across America and the world, which we add to our “must-try” list. This next place we saw on Throwdown with Bobby Flay. This is all about the NewContinue reading “A muffu whatta? – Central Grocery Co., LA”

Orange County Food Trucks Invade Las Vegas Competing in the Great Food Truck Race

Last weekend Kim and I went to Las Vegas for another weekend foodie adventure.  This time, the plan was to chase some of the 19 gourmet food trucks roaming the streets of Las Vegas, NV. As we were driving over the top of the hill and finally setting our eyes on Vegas, Kim started toContinue reading “Orange County Food Trucks Invade Las Vegas Competing in the Great Food Truck Race”

Hidden Pizzeria Serving up New York-Style Pies – Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Our last trip to Las Vegas, Kim and I stayed at the new Cosmopolitan Hotel on the Strip. They have a large number of restaurants and we had the chance to try a few of them. They have a hidden “Pizzeria” on the third floor, which is located down an unmarked hallway between two restaurants.Continue reading “Hidden Pizzeria Serving up New York-Style Pies – Cosmopolitan Las Vegas”

The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que – Driftwood, TX

I have never understood the fascination people have with barbeque. I have tried it from many different places but it never tasted super tender or as flavorful as what they show you on TV. That is until we went to Salt Lick Bar-B-Que in Driftwood, TX, a little town outside of Austin. I equate SaltContinue reading “The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que – Driftwood, TX”

More from the Great Food Truck Race – Austin Daily Press

Kim and I went to Austin, Texas on another one of our foodie adventures. You may think that Austin is an odd place to choose. To be honest, one of the reasons we picked Austin was the airfare was cheap and Kim needed one more flight to earn back her “status” on American Airlines. WhileContinue reading “More from the Great Food Truck Race – Austin Daily Press”

Food Tour of Scotland – May 2010

This last May we spent eight days in Scotland. Kim and I like architecture so we zigzagged our way through the country seeing different castles, estates, gardens and homes. We had a great time. Culzean Castle and Estate One of the best aspects of the trip was the food. With that said we thought weContinue reading “Food Tour of Scotland – May 2010”