An-nyo'ng-ha-se-yo (Hello) Kogi Truck!

Gourmet food trucks are a growing trend.  They are cheaper to operate but at the same time they are known for putting out killer food.  Kogi Truck is no exception.  These guys are doing something new and fresh while also doing it right.  The reason I say that is they now have 4 trucks theContinue reading “An-nyo'ng-ha-se-yo (Hello) Kogi Truck!”

Finally! This has been a long time coming!

I finally had to sit down and get writing.  My wife and I have been taking time to enjoy different food and libations for the last couple of years.  One thing you need to know about us is we have very addictive personalities.  So……… when we started watching a little TV show called Diners, Drive-insContinue reading “Finally! This has been a long time coming!”