Not Just Another Cupcakery – Cupcakes A GoGo

Our love affair with Cupcakes a GoGo started about three months ago when we attended our First Friday in Venice event. For those of you that don’t know what that is, on the first Friday of every month, all the stores located on Abbot Kinney stay open late and a bunch of food trucks parkContinue reading “Not Just Another Cupcakery – Cupcakes A GoGo”

Stepping it Up! – The Winery – Tustin, CA

As you know lately my wife and I have been on a food truck and diner kick. This was not always the case. I have shared in the past that I actually worked my way up to the title of chef when I was younger. The types of places I cooked at were typically aContinue reading “Stepping it Up! – The Winery – Tustin, CA”

Not Your Normal Wiener – The Greasy Wiener – Venice, CA

Finally made my way out to Venice to grab a dog from the Greasy Wiener. The Greasy Wiener is a gourmet food truck that cruises around LA serving up some top-notch dogs.  These are not like hotdogs when you had when you were a kid that you poured ketchup on. These are kick ass hotContinue reading “Not Your Normal Wiener – The Greasy Wiener – Venice, CA”

Now This is Pizza! – Slice Truck

One of the age long arguments between foodies has been which pizza is better, Chicago style deep dish or New York style foldable pie with a crispy crust. I have lived in southern California or Hawaii most of my life so I would typically copout and say “it depends”. That was until last night; nowContinue reading “Now This is Pizza! – Slice Truck”

Now There is a Vegetarian Food Truck in the OC – Seabirds Truck – Orange County, CA

Last weekend we heard rumors of a brand new gourmet food truck in the OC. Turns out this alleged truck was parked over at Tanaka Farms in Irvine. We had to go check them out. Turns out the Seabirds truck started serving organic vegetarian and vegan fare in May. I have been to all kindsContinue reading “Now There is a Vegetarian Food Truck in the OC – Seabirds Truck – Orange County, CA”

It's not Gourmet, it's Just OK – Calbi Truck – Irvine, CA

As you know we have been really enjoying the gourmet food truck craze. It started for us in February and it has really helped to get Saturday Night Foodies up and running. There is so much variety and creativity. Even finding the food trucks can be a lot of fun. It is almost like anContinue reading “It's not Gourmet, it's Just OK – Calbi Truck – Irvine, CA”

Yes, I Really Do Like SPAM! – Kogi BBQ

Just got back from our vacation to Scotland and we really missed being able to eat at a gourmet food truck.  Today at lunch I ran over to @kogibbq Naranja in Irvine for a quick fix. I picked us up a few of our normal items like there kimchi quesadilla, chicken taco, tres leches, andContinue reading “Yes, I Really Do Like SPAM! – Kogi BBQ”

Last Stop on First Friday – Lee's Philly – Venice, CA

This May we had the pleasure of checking out First Friday in Venice. First Friday happens every month on Abbott Kinney in Venice. Starting at the Brig parking lot and all the way down the street you will find people and gourmet food trucks. On this occasion we saw about 24 of them. The streetContinue reading “Last Stop on First Friday – Lee's Philly – Venice, CA”

More Tastes from LA in the OC – Patty Wagon – Los Angeles

You would think with all of the food trucks we have been visiting that we would start getting sick of them a bit. However that is not the case. After a long day in the sun on Saturday we had to run down to Bootlegger’s Brewery in Fullerton to check out the latest gourmet foodContinue reading “More Tastes from LA in the OC – Patty Wagon – Los Angeles”

Well Worth the Wait – Dumpling Station – Los Angeles

Dumpling Station is another one of the trucks we visited last weekend. They serve, can you guess? Dumplings! Little pockets of love. They have a good number of items on their menu, we chose three to get good coverage. Everything we got was very good. They cook everything to order so if they are busyContinue reading “Well Worth the Wait – Dumpling Station – Los Angeles”