The Art Of Wine Tasting

Wine lovers and wine makers have particular appreciation on wine tasting. Imagine entering a wine cellar that has bottles coming from different countries—France, Italy or Spain to name a few. It makes you feel as if you were transported in a rustic place. There is a particular way of tasting wines. It’s not merely asContinue reading “The Art Of Wine Tasting”

Austin’s Food Trailer Boomlet Knows No Boundaries

Food trucks are indeed not a new concept, but Austinites have propelled this industry to hew heights in recent years. Not only does the Texas state capital boast one of the world’s largest concentrations of mobile gastronomy selections, but the assortment of international and regionally inspired gourmet dishes are unbelievably tempting. In recent years, manyContinue reading “Austin’s Food Trailer Boomlet Knows No Boundaries”

Food Truck Festival Coming to Downtown San Bernardino August 26-27

The food truck revolution, as it’s being called, has hit Los Angeles with a vengeance over the last couple of years. And the culture has grown; there are now so many of these restaurants on wheels roaming the city that there are smartphone apps to help users track them (although most end up tweeting theirContinue reading “Food Truck Festival Coming to Downtown San Bernardino August 26-27”

Guest Blog: Everyday is a Special Occasion – The Ramos House Cafe

This is the first of what I hope to be many guest blogs.  This one was written by Michelle Kilgore of “The Picky Nibbler“.  Kim and I have known Michelle for many years and she may enjoy food more than we do.  We really hope you enjoy this new feature and look forward to yourContinue reading “Guest Blog: Everyday is a Special Occasion – The Ramos House Cafe”