News: February Events @ Playground 2.0 – February, 2014

Playground 2.0 DTSA
Playground 2.0 DTSA

Hey good lookin’ here’s what’s cookin’ this February @ 2.0!


“Chicken My Way” Electric City Butcher
Thursday 30th // 7 pm seating
$100 per seat including food, drinks, tip, tax.
Come join Chef & Butcher Michael Puglisi for dinner highlighting everyone’s favorite poultry, “The Chicken” with many diverse preparations. Puglisi will also include a demo on butchering chicken different ways, as well as creating our favorites from Chicken Wings to the classic Coq Au Vin with a twist!

“Chicken is one of my favorite proteins to work with at home. Buying the whole bird and then breaking it down to create different meals. Ohh… then the smell of making stock at home! I love it!”
– Michael Puglisi, Electric City Butcher


Friday 31st // Saturday Feb 1st // 5 and 8 pm seatings
$150 including food, drinks, tax, tip.
“I love yakitori because it is simple delicious food. There is no foams, no spheres, just one grill and one chef. My entire cooking career has been focused on modern preparations of food. Utilizing chemicals, combo ovens and immersion circulators has been an everyday experience of mine for over four years. Coming to playground I was introduced to Japanese cuisine and fell in love with the tradition and dedication of the different styles of cuisine. Yakitori quickly became my favorite style and I slowly began studying and practicing the technique. This dinner will showcase all that I have learned in that short period.” -Chef Max Hirsch



Nikoah: New Beginnings w/ chef Eddie Perez
Wednesday 5th // 7 pm
$100 including food, pairings, tax and tip.
Nikoah is the combination of chef Eddie Perez’s twin sons names.
Formerly of Ink in Los Angeles, now playground sous chef, we welcome Eddie for his first pop up at 2.0. He is one imaginative chef that has an amazing future ahead of him. Thoughtful, unexpected and elevated are the terms we kick around when talking about his food. Do not miss out on the first Nikoah.

Wed seats:


LA Fish Market
Thu 6th // Friday 7th // 7 pm
$100 including food, pairings, tax and tip.
IMP market in downtown LA is home to the best seafood in the southern California area. Each day they receive fish from Tokyo’s world famous Tsukiji fish market. Our chefs will be the first ones at the market to get first dibs on all the great seafood. The menu is created on the ride home.



Ultimate Steak Dinner
Tuesday 11th // Wednesday 12th // Thursday 13th // 6 & 830 pm
$100 including food, pairings, tax and tip.
“Growing up, I fondly remember trips to steakhouses. It was a celebratory event, few and far between. I always loved the sides, tomatoes with bleu cheese, corn pudding, wedge salad etc. The beef was always the star of the show, but I always ordered the same as the rest of my family, making me wonder about the other options. At the Ultimate Steak Dinner we bring all those memories to life and offer 5 different cuts of beef, all incredibly high quality. It’s the best possible steakhouse experience.”-Jason Quinn

Feel free to bring your Ultimate Steak Wine, no corkage, but we will have some tasty reds to pour as well.



Wanderlust: Morocco
Tuesday 18th // Wednesday 19th // 7 pm
$100 including food, pairings, tax and tip.
As we continue our travels through the world, we are making a stop in Morocco. Do not miss out on this vastly under appreciated cuisine.



Chino Farms Dinner
Tue 25th // Wed 26th // 7 pm
$100 including food, pairings, tax and tip.
Quite possibly the most delicious farm in the United States is located in Rancho Santa Fe, just north of San Diego. They do not deliver, there is no distribution. It is one family meticulously farming 50 acres since 1952. Chefs and food lovers alike flock to their farm to enjoy the benefits of their master craft. We are believers and head to their Vegetable Shop (roadside stand)every week for their bounty. We will wake up early and head for the stand. The evenings menu will be crafted featuring the harvest of our early morning visit.



Chef Michael Puglisi
Thursday 27th // 7 pm
Most previously the Sous Chef of Thomas Keller’s iconic Bouchon Bistro in Beverly Hills, Puglisi honed his butchery skills at The Butcher Shop in Boston, MA and the legendary Fountain Bleau in Miami Beach, Florida. Puglisi arrives in Orange County for the upcoming opening of his own ELECTRIC CITY BUTCHER SHOP, debuting soon as a key component in Santa Ana’s much-anticipated 4th Street Market Food & Culinary wonderland.


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