Craft Cocktail Recipe: #062213 Perfecting the Mai Tai

Check out the Vintage Glass
Check out the Vintage Glass

The Mai Tai is a surprisingly difficult drink to nail down. Over the last couple of years, Kim and I have had oue share in the quest for the very best. Our favorite to date was from the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki beach at their Mai Tai Bar. To be specific, it is the “Royal Mai Tai”. But I digress, did you know the original Trader Vic’s Mai Tai is guessed to have rum, Curaçao liqueur, and lime juice. Say what? Ours on the other hand has may more ingredients than that. This is probably one of our most complicated drinks created. However, we are pretty proud of how it turned out.

If you make this, please give us feedback. It took four tries to get this where it is but we think it’s near perfection. If you happen to find the syrup from Luxardo maraschino cherries sold separately, which we used in this recipe, please let us know. Our Luxardo cherries are drying as I write this because we used up all the syrup.


2oz Spiced Rum
2oz Kraken Dark Rum
2oz Fresh Pineapple Juice
2oz Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
1oz Small Hand Foods Orgeat (Almond Syrup) – This is a must!
1/2oz Disaronno
1/2oz Luxardo Syrup (From maraschino cherries)
1/2oz Grand Marnier
6 drops vanilla extract


Mix all ingredients and some ice in a shaker. Shake and pour into a tiki cup over ice. We garnished with fresh pineapple and one of those cherries that are getting dry.

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7 thoughts on “Craft Cocktail Recipe: #062213 Perfecting the Mai Tai

    1. I know it sounds silly to be obsessed with a Mai Tai but considering the time of year, it is on my brain again! I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you. We have tested this one out with a number of people and so far feedback has been outstanding

      1. First of all sorry for my english :).
        Iam going for 10 years now in a THAI Restaurant in Wiesbaden (Germany) “CHOKDEE”.
        The MAI TAI is fantastic there but i cant have the receipe for this.
        I have try to use the same ingredients but no chance.
        The sweetness is like vanilla, something nutty and small touch of cherry.
        The Mai Tai feel very sweet but its not how normal cane, it is pleasant. Now i see your receipe and maybe this is the true :).
        I have order vanilla extract and Luxardo Maraschin liquor.
        I just wonder if even then the recipe with maraschino liqueur was known.

      2. this one is sweet as well. But do not use the Luxardo Maraschin liquor for this. Use the sugar syrup from the Luxardo Maraschino cherries.

      3. Okay i try it. I have only found the Luxardo Maraschino cherries with the Syrup. Is this okay or I have to make my own syrup from the cherries?
        Thank you very much.

      4. That is perfect!! Use the syrup with the cherries. You will not lead a lot.

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