Craft Cocktail Recipe: #030213 Scotch, Meyer Lemons & Ginger

#03022013 Scotch, Ginger, Meyer Lemon, and Basil
#03022013 Scotch, Ginger, Meyer Lemon, and Basil

This drink was created by Kim (@Mrs_SNFoodies) from the ground up. She is usually involved in every drink recipe that we publish but she took this one to a whole new level of perfection. I probably tasted about nine different variations as she experimented with different spirits. I really think that the final ingredients selected for this drink surprised her. Ginger was her inspiration. She began testing with vodka, then gin, and after lots of convincing moved to scotch. She also played with honey, agave and simple syrup to find the best ingredient to highlight the spirit. I think this one came out amazing. Cheers!

Saturday Night Foodies #032313 Ginger, Basil and Meyer Lemon with Scotch with Sherry Cask Finish


3oz Kirkland Macallan 15 Year Old Sherry Cask Finish (Scotch whiskey)
2oz Lemon Juice (We used Meyer lemons from Frieda’s Produce – Amazing!)
1oz Stirring Simple Syrup
4 Slices Fresh Ginger
5 Fresh Basil Leaves (Set two aside for garnish)


Muddle ginger and three basil leaves in a martini shaker. Add remaining ingredients and shake with ice. Pour over ice in a tumbler. Garnish with one basil leaf and rub the second leaf with your fingers to release the oil and rim the glass.

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2 thoughts on “Craft Cocktail Recipe: #030213 Scotch, Meyer Lemons & Ginger

    1. We know how you feel! A lot of work went into this one and I think it may be our best to date! That is what happens when you use good ingredients

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