Craft Cocktail Recipe: #030313 Asombroso Tequila, Blackberry & Meyer Lemon

#03032013 Asombroso Tequila & Grand Marnier
#03032013 Asombroso Tequila & Grand Marnier

One of my favorite things to do is look around the kitchen at the fresh ingredients available to me and think, “what would make a great cocktail?”. Doesn’t everyone think that way? This cocktail was inspired by blackberries, basil from our garden and Meyer lemons from Frieda’s Produce. I did not want to overwhelm the delicate flavors of the fruit and basil but at the same time wanted to add a little depth. So I picked a young, silver tequila from Asombroso.

Saturday Night Foodies #030313 Blackberry, Basil and Meyer Lemon with Asombroso Silver Tequila


2oz Asombroso Tequila (Silver)
1oz Grand Marnier
1oz Lemon Juice (We used Meyer lemon juice.)
.5oz Simple Syrup
7 Blackberries
5 Fresh Basil Leaves

Splash of Fever-Tree Tonic (Light Indian Tonic Water)


Muddle basil and blackberries in a shaker. Add remaining ingredients (except tonic water) and shake with ice. Pour over ice in a tumbler. Garnish with blackberry, basil leaf and splash of tonic water.

Great Ingredients Make Great Drinks
Great Ingredients Make Great Drinks

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