Craft Cocktail Recipe: #020213 Blood Orange (Moscow) Mule

Blood Orange Mule
Blood Orange Mule

I am still on the blood orange kick. As long as they are fresh, I just have the need to use them. Moscow Mule is a very easy drink to make. Three ingredients with a little stir over ice and you are done. We added our own twist, just because we can! Adding the blood orange juice made this a lot more balanced. I was not a huge fan of the traditional Moscow Mule, but I am a fan of this version. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Saturday Night Foodies #020213 Blood Orange Mule


3oz Vodka (We used Russian Standard but any smooth vodka will work)
1.5oz Fresh Blood Orange Juice (No lime in our version)
5oz Ginger Beer (Find a good ginger beer, we tried one from Bundaberg)


Add ingredients to copper mug or tumbler glass, stir and fill with ice. Add a slice of blood orange for garnish.

TIP: Feel free to change out the blood orange juice for a juice that is in season or you enjoy. Easy drink to change up to follow the seasons.

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