Finally a Neighborhood Bar in the OC – Wild Goose Tavern, Costa Mesa, CA

Inside Wild Goose Tavern

When I first got wind that a new bar was opening in Costa Mesa, I was not that interested. But then I heard that it would have good pub food, cocktails made with fresh ingredients, a pretty extensive whiskey collection as well as small-batch spirits, they had my attention! I anxiously awaited its opening day but today, the wait was over.

The tavern is dimly lit, designed with reclaimed scaffolding planks and brick walls and reclaimed barn wood housed the spirits in the bar. It has a long bar and a small set of bar tables with red tufted leather backing. The walls are decorated with a variety of taxidermy, slightly reminiscent of a hunting lodge. The overall vibe is pretty laid back and casual and would be a place you’d want to go to hang out with your friends.

We ordered kobi beef (their spelling) and chicken mole sausages, although their menu also includes rabbit, wild boar, turkey and a handful of others. The sausage dogs were complex with layer upon layer of flavor. We also ordered a cilantro caprese burger, cabanossi slim Jim bar snack and truffle herb fries.

Kobi Beef Dog

The kobi beef dog was topped with pancetta, giardiniera (Italian pickled vegetables), garlic aioli, tomato chutney and arugula on a toasted bun. The sausage had a good snap when you bit into it.

Chicken Mole Sausage

The chicken mole sausage was both sweet and savory, with creaminess from the garlic aioli and quail egg, the golden beet relish added a bit of acid, and topped with siracha for some heat.

Cilantro Caprese Burger

The cilantro caprese burger was juicy, seasoned and cooked perfectly, topped with fried mozzarella, oven dried tomatoes, and cilantro chimichurri.

Let’s not forget about the drinks since it is a tavern after all. We sampled a handful of their cocktail offerings which were all refreshing and quite good.

Mango Habanero Margarita (left) – house infused agave underground reposado tequila, mango puree and fresh squeezed lime juice & Bison Mule (right) – bison grass vodka, ginger beer, hand squeezed lime juice
Apple Fashion – Knob creek rye, apple bitters and sugar
Cucmber Basil Smash – house infused Hendricks Gin, St. Germain, basil, simple syrup and hand squeezed lemon juice
Stormy Coast – Flor de Cana rum, Disaronno, ginger beer, hand squeezed lime juice

The chef has plans to add menu specials to keep things fresh and is collaborating with Cody from the Lime Truck.

Slim Jim Bar Snack
Truffle Herb Fries

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3 thoughts on “Finally a Neighborhood Bar in the OC – Wild Goose Tavern, Costa Mesa, CA

    1. We really enjoyed it. Modern but fun and really good food!! Also they are changing up there menu all the time which is fun.

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