A Cottage in Waikiki – ­Cream Pot – Honolulu, HI

Cream Pot, Waikiki, HI

Driving around in downtown Waikiki can sometimes be a challenge because of the many one-way roads. However, on this trip, when we kept being forced to turn left on Niu Street we noticed a quaint cottage-looking place on the corner. After driving past it for the fifth time, I decided to look it up on Yelp to see what it was all about. It is a breakfast/brunch place that offers a unique menu with items such as maguro eggs Benedict, soufflé pancakes, crepes, and egg bakes.

Cottage Feel

The restaurant is attached to an old hotel, the Hawaiian Monarch Waikiki hotel, but don’t judge the restaurant by the hotel. The restaurant is designed like a country cottage, with rounded wooden doors, dried flowers, and vintage cooking tools and appliances as decor. There is a long wooden communal table in the middle with a handful of four-tops around it. We were handed a traditional menu and a flipbook menu with pictures of the menu.

Soufflé Pancakes with Bananas, House Made Salted Caramel

Breakfast is not my favorite meal to eat out because usually, the menu is pretty boring for me (eggs, hash browns…etc.). However, with Cream Pot, I found it hard to decide what I wanted to order because so many things looked good. I decided to go with the day’s special, soufflé pancakes, which came with a choice of strawberries, bananas with salted caramel or raspberry chocolate. I opted for bananas with salted caramel. I’m not sure what I was expecting with soufflé pancakes, but it was just that, three mini soufflés baked and topped with bananas, house made salted caramel, and fresh whip cream. The pancakes, that’s the deceiving part of the name, were so light, it was like biting into air…OK, whipped egg white air.

Tiger Shrimp Egg Bake

Jason ordered the Tiger Shrimp egg bake. It was a mixture of shrimp, creamed spinach and eggs, baked and served with a toasted baguette.

The servers were friendly but the service is a little slow. Despite that, I really enjoyed this restaurant and think it would do great in a place like Orange County. Not quite sure how it came to be in Hawaii. I forgot to mention, that the restaurant caters to Japanese tourists, which is why we were handed the menu photo flip book and probably how some of the unique Benedicts came to be.

Inside the Soufflé Pancakes: Mini Soufflés

Cream Pot (Hawaiian Monarch Hotel Waikiki) on Urbanspoon

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