A Little Luxury and the Feeling of Old Hawaiian Hospitality – Mai Tai Bar – Waikiki, HI

At the Royal Hawaiian Waikiki

On our recent trip to Oahu, we decided to go to some new places in addition to the usual stops we always go to. The hard part about that is we now have more places we want to go to when we come back. Pretty soon we will want to visit every place on the island.

Mai Tai Degeneres (Left) and The Scratch Mai Tai (Right)! Yum!

However, on this particular day, we were in the mood for a good drink and a great view. We ‘d heard about the Mai Tai Bar at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel so we decided to check it out. We sat on the patio, practically on the sand of Waikiki beach facing Diamond Head, an extinct volcano. This must have been what it was like in the old days when the Royal Hawaiian was the only hotel on the beach. The view was incredible!!!

Cucumber & Pineapple Caipiroska with a View of Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach from our Table

We must have hung out for three hours, peoplewatching, enjoying tropical cocktails made with fresh ingredients and watching the sun set. If you are looking for a great Mai Tai make sure you trytheir Scratch Mai Tai. We tried a number of other Mai Tais up and down Waikiki Beach and think this was the best of all the ones we tried.

The Royal Mai Tai

While you are there, make sure to walk around the hotel. It is a beautiful place that will take you back in time to what an old luxury hotel used to look like. Depending on when you go, you might still be able to see the photo exhibit of the old Matson Cruise line before it became the cargo shipping company it is today. The whole scene feels like old Hawaii…you can almost hear Don Ho singing in the background.

Great View! Great Cocktails!

MAI TAI BAR at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Urbanspoon

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