Finally Umami comes to the OC – Umami Burger, Costa Mesa, CA

A couple years ago, Kim and I had the chance to try Umami Burger in Los Angeles. The only negative about Umami was that they were 50+ miles away from us. It’s worth the drive, but hard to do regularly when you are craving a really great burger. We have been waiting for their much-anticipated break into Orange County. We’ve been watching the updates for the last year for the one opening in Anaheim and another in Laguna Beach. However, due to variables beyond Umami’s control, those two have not yet opened. We were glad to hear that a third location, and what would end up being the first in O.C., was opening at The CAMP in Costa Mesa.

We were invited to a media preview, the day they were able to open the doors. The funny part was they did not tell many people about the opening. If you’ve ever been in the restaurant business, you know that opening dates can, and most likely will be a moving target. There are permits and licenses and a whole host of other things that play into the opening day. That was cool by us because after a bunch of tweeting and sharing pictures, a line formed outside the door. I love watching the power of social media in action.

We got to sample almost all of their burgers and they were as good as we remembered. Each Umami has a specialty burger that is unique to its location. The one for Costa Mesa is the Tandoori Burger but we did not have a chance to try it. . We will have to go back and check it out. This is also the test location for biodegradable plates and utensils. They are made from pressed banana leaves, which makes it very light and will help reduce their waste footprint.

Check out some of the amazing burgers and sides were got to chow down on!

Ahi Tuna Burger with Crushed Avocado, Pickled Ginger, Sprouts and Wasabi Tartar Spread - Yum!
Hatch Burger with Roasted Green Chilies and House-Made American Cheese - Yum!
Manly Burger with Beer-Cheddar Cheese, Smoked Salt-Onion Strings and Bacon Lardons
Earth Burger with a Mushroon & Edamame Patty, White Soy Aioli, Truffle Ricotta, Cipollini Onions, Lettuce and Slow-Roasted Tomato
Umami Burger with Shitake Mushroom, Caramelized Onion, Roasted Tomato, Parmesan Crisp and Umami Ketchup
Secret Menu Item: House-Made Cheesy Tots
Smashed Potatoes - Yum!
Tempura Onion Rings

Umami Burger on Urbanspoon

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