Spectacular Donuts in Surf City – The Donuttery – Huntington Beach, CA

Every once in awhile I get a craving for donuts.  The problem is most donut shops out there have terrible donuts.  They are usually old, heavy, stale and sometimes just greasy.  Yuck! Every once in awhile you hear about a place that people just rave about and it will either be really good or it is just hype.  Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland is one place with a ton of hype and spectacular donuts. However we have not found a place in Southern California that deserves to be called out.  Well that was until last night.

Blueberry (& with Frosting), Maple Bacon Bar, Red Velvet, Strawberry

After a great night of great booze and food, we had one such craving.  People had mentioned The Donuttery before but we didn’t believe them.  They are known for their blueberry and strawberry donuts.  Kim and I love a good blueberry donut!  This shop has GREAT blueberry donuts.  They even offer them with vanilla frosting which was good but not needed.

We also tried their red velvet which was very light and nice, their strawberry which had a very strong strawberry Kool-Aid tase and lastly a maple bacon bar.  The maple bar bar was very nice, and didn’t need the thick sliced bacon but it was really nice addition.  This donut showed me they are not a one trick pony.

We will definitely go back.  Kim wants to try their turkey and cheese crissant that looked amazing.  I just want a dozen blueberry donuts!!

Donuttery on Urbanspoon

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