Not Just Another Korean Fusion Cart – Best Bulkogi Fusion – Portland, OR

I was a bit cynical to try yet another Korean-Mexican “fusion” place, due to the oversaturation of wannabes that have popped up and greatly disappointed me, but none of the other carts in this particular Portland pod were tempting my palette on this day. I ordered pan-fried vegetable potstickers and chicken Kogi tacos.

Pan-Fried Vegetable Potstickers

Wow, was I ever amazed by the flavor! The dough on the potstickers was clearly just made and pan- fried to add a little crunch to compliment the variety of vegetables used. They offer these in pork, chicken and vegetable. My only mistake was not ordering more.

Chicken Kogi Tacos - Amazing!

The chicken tacos were also a nice surprise. The portion of chicken was generous and topped with cabbage, carrots, cilantro, black sesame seeds and topped with a white and a spicy red sauce.

Best Bulkogi Fusion on Urbanspoon

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