My One Weakness, Cajun Shrimp with all the Fixin’s – Kickin’ Crab – Santa Ana, CA

We love spicy food; we love shrimp, clams and other seafood. Put those together and you have an addiction that we’ve had to feed every week for the last two months.

It started about a year ago when someone turned us onto a place called Boiling Crab in Garden Grove. This place was good but it was crazy busy and a little out of our way. Someone else told us about the Kickin’ Crab.

Kickin’s Crab serves up Louisiana seafood, served Cajun style. They boil your choice of seafood – clams, shrimp, crawfish, to name a few, and offer up different seasonings: Lemon Pepper, Garlic Butter, Cajun, Louisiana and our favorite, Kickin’ Style which is all of aforementioned combined. You can also pick how spicy you want it; Mild – with a little sting, Medium – sort’s hot, Spicy – dis stuff really hot mon!, and Spicy Spicy – Yeehaww!! Hot Hot!! We usually get the second hottest, “spicy”, which is a nice level of heat, but not quite make-your-head-sweat or your eyes tear up kind of hot.

Shrimp, Clams, Corn, Kickin' Style Spicy! All the Kids in the Pool!

I will warn you this is not where you go when dressed in your Sunday best. This is a place to go when you are ready to roll up your sleeves, get messy and want to play with your food. The food comes to the table in a clear plastic bag and it is dumped onto your wax paper-covered table.

If you like seafood and your food spicy, you will like this place. They have other things on their menu like tacos and garlic noodles and Vietnamese specials, but we stick to the seafood boil with potatoes, corn, and sausage, all swimming in a bag of buttery, Cajun spices.

They currently have two locations, one in Westminster and the one we go to in Santa Ana, near South Coast Plaza.

Kickin' Crab on Urbanspoon

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