Traditional Chinese Food in a Modern Setting – Capital Seafood – Irvine, CA

Marian the Foodie, a fellow blogger and James Tea, managing partner of Capital Seafood, invited a group of media to come in and sample an incredible 11-course dinner.

The restaurant, the second Irvine location for this family-owned business, is modernly designed with mixed finishes of wood, metals and an impressive, all-glass wine room. It has an open floor plan where you can even see in to the kitchen, which can be fun when things really get busy. The back part of the restaurant is configurable so it can easily accommodate numerous large groups or partition it off for a private party.

We were served family-style at a round table that easily accommodated 16 people. We got to taste quite a few of their most popular menu items as well as try a few special order items.

Pan Seared SeaBass - Yum!

The food was amazing. There wasn’t an item on the menu we did not enjoy. It looked and tasted like they use fresh, top-quality ingredients. Kim and I are looking forward to checking out their dim sum offering in greater detail. There are two dishes that really stood out for us. The Pan Seared SeaBass with a sweet soy sauce dressing. The fish was tender, super buttery and had both a savory and sweet flavor. I could have easily eaten the entire tray of this and been happy.

Capital Seafood Irvine Spectrum
House String Beans

The other dish was actually a side, the House String Beans, which are fresh green beans stir-fried with lots of garlic and spices. Crisp but warm, great flavor and you can’t stop eating them. Warning, they are very addicting but they are string beans after all, so eat up!

Capital Seafood Irvine Spectrum
Filet Mignon Satay Skewers
Dirty 30 - Dirty Martini

The restaurant also has a bright, lively bar that we have since gone back to visit. They have an incredible happy hour menu that not only has great food but also delicious, unique drinks. Hint: The stir-fried green beans are on the happy hour menu too, so SCORE!! That is a topic for another day but if you are looking for a great happy hour with food and real drink specials go check them out.

We had a ton of food and were able to try some of their signature drinks. Here are more pictures of the incredible feast:

Lychee Martini
Whole Winter Melon Soup with Seafood.
Whole Winter Melon Soup
Roasted Peking Duck - Super Crispy Skin!
Chef's Fried Rice with Shrimp, Scallops, Squid, Crabmeat, Egg and Japanese Seaweed
Capital's Filet Mignon Cubes - Uber Tender

Capital Seafood on Urbanspoon

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