Life is Too Short for Bad Alcohol – Library Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel – Los Angeles, CA

Love the Presentation of a Couple of Shots

Kim and I have a saying, “life is too short for bad alcohol”. You know what we mean if you’ve ever gone to a bar and they serve some concoction made with vodka that tastes like rubbing alcohol and a syrup made mostly of artificial flavorings and color. It is a bunch of wasted calories and you end up paying dearly for it the next morning.

Tequila Based with Lime, Agave, Cilantro, Jalapeño & Cucumber - Yum!

When we first heard the term “craft cocktails” we were hooked. To us a “craft cocktail” is a cocktail made with premium alcohol; with the freshest ingredients and by a bartender (I’m embarrassed to even call them bartenders because they are so much more then that.) that has learned the delicate art of taste and balance. This is not your hey I am now 21 in a dance club kind of cocktail. Most places that offer craft cocktails don’t encourage packing the place from wall to wall with people. Most are setup for you to relax and savor the flavors, along with the experience.

Just a Couple of the Fresh Ingredients

Library Bar is no different. Set in the lobby of the historic Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd, this place is very small with four barstools and a couple of leather couches and stools. The counter is adorned with an array of jars and dishes containing fresh fruits, herbs and other seasonal ingredients.

Twist on a Classic Manhattan

There are two people behind the bar and no servers. When you are ready for a drink you head up to the bar and tell the master mixologist what you are in the mood for; sweet, spicy, smoky, maybe citrusy, and what type of alcohol you prefer. They will take it from there.

Gin, Dill, Agave, Lime Juice & Garnished with Ginger

These guys are masters of their craft and so knowledgeable about what ingredients and alcohol to use to bring out the best flavors. So relax and watch them work their magic. This is not the place you go to get a Jameson and Ginger Beer. Yes, they can make that, yes, Jameson is a solid whiskey but BORING! We tried five different drinks and each one was as awesome as the last. Unfortunately, we had to drive back to the OC, otherwise we would have hung out there for hours sipping the results of their mastery.

There are not that many of these craft cocktail bars around, at least not that we have found. If you want to see how a real drink should be made, make sure to check out the Library Bar. If you enjoy good alcohol and farm fresh ingredients then this is the place to go!

Library Bar at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Urbanspoon

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