SOCO Farmer's Market Announces Farm to Food Truck Challenge II – November 19

On Saturday, November 19th, SoCo Certified Farmers’ Market will host its Farm to Food Truck Challenge II. The event is a farmers’ market inspired cooking competition pitting top Gourmet Food Truck chefs against each other to create the best dish using locally grown farm fresh ingredients. Over 15 gourmet food trucks will be hosted during the weekly farmers’ market from 9am-2pm with selected trucks competing.

Contestants From the First Farm to Food Truck Challenge

The event is a Food Network TV Show “Chopped”-style competition. Food truck chefs will have only 60 minutes to shop the farmers’ market for its pre-determined seasonal ingredients and then whip up a culinary masterpiece. The dish will be served to a panel of top foodie judges to be judged on creativity, taste and presentation. The winner will be crowned the ‘Top Chop’ Truck! The Challenge kicks off at 12pm, judging begins at 1pm and the Winner announced at 1:30pm.

The festivities will also feature live music, kid-friendly activities and plenty of free parking. The event is held in conjunction with the SoCo Certified Farmers’ Market, which is held every Saturday at South Coast Collection (“SoCo”) (the 3300 block of Hyland Ave) in Costa Mesa from 9am-2pm.

Competition Trucks:
Home Skillet
The Flip Truck
Taco Maria

Participating Trucks:
Refresh Truck
Lobsta Truck
Bakery Truck
Waffles de Liege
Rancho a Go Go
Barcelona On the Go

Bacon Mania Wining the First Farm to Food Truck Challenge

Why Farm2GFT?
The purpose of SoCo Farmers’ Market Farm to Food Truck Challenge II is to showcase the farm fresh produce from our local farmers, and encourage Chefs to gather their ingredients from sustainable sources. We also want to inspire and educate the public to make nutritious+delicious with farm fresh ingredients. We will also be hosting a food drive at this event, to collect food for families in Costa Mesa for the Holidays.

Our first Farm to Food Truck Challenge witnessed Bacon Mania (@baconmania) being crowned ‘Top Chop’ Truck. The event had over 3,500 people in attendance with over 20 farmers’ market foodies, bloggers, photographers and volunteers capturing all the action.

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