Event Wrap-up Cupcake Camp OC September 11, 2011

Just Some of the Cupcakes I Got to Judge

This past Sunday, September 11, was the second Cupcake Camp OC. Cupcake Camp OC is a fundraising event all about cupcake making, eating and bakers’ competition. This year’s event helped raise awareness and funds for Children of the Night, a non-profit organization that helps rescue children from prostitution.

I was asked to be one of the judges this year. I got to enjoy some great cupcakes, see some of my foodie friends and make new foodie friends. When I was not stuffing my face with cupcakes I was able to take a few pictures. Check out some of the winners:

1st Prize for Most OC - Bubba Sweets - Chocolate with Salted Carmel
2nd Prize for Most OC - Hollicakes - Chocolate Orange
Runner Up for Most OC - Design Cakes and Cupcakes - Churro - One of my Favs!
Jason with Saturday Night Foodies Eating, oh yeah, Judging the Cupcakes!
Sweet September Cupcakes - French Toast - One of my Favs!
1st Prize - Spirit of September 11 - Hollicakes
2nd Prize - Spirit of September 11 - Hey Cupcakes
Runner Up - Spirit of September 11 - Design Cakes & Cupcakes
Amateur Winner - Spirit of September 11 - Elyse Stadlmayr
1st Prize - Most Childhood Inspired - Banana Split - Yum Sweets
2nd Prize - Most Childhood Inspired - Grandma's Chocolate Chip Cookies - Hollicakes
Runner Up - Most Childhood Inspired - PB & J - Bubba Sweets

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