A muffu whatta? – Central Grocery Co., LA

Ever since we started watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, a TV show on the Food Network, we find more and more great shows that highlight amazing food across America and the world, which we add to our “must-try” list. This next place we saw on Throwdown with Bobby Flay. This is all about the New Orleans classic, the Muffuletta, pronounced moo-foo-LET-ta. The Muffuletta is a monster submarine sandwich on Sicilian-style bread. It usually has an olive salad or tapenade marinated with olive oil and vegetables, various meats like capicola, ham, salami, and pepperoni and finally provolone cheese – all on a huge round loaf of bread.

Central Grocery Muffuletta - 1/2 Sandwich

I have tried a couple different ones but had heard Central Grocery in New Orleans makes the best. I couldn’t agree more. I have not had one in almost a year and now the cravings are killing me! I am actually getting to the point where I am considering paying the huge shipping costs to get one of these incredibly flavorful, coma-inducing delights delivered to my doorstep!

Simply Amazing!

Central Grocery is basically a convenience store but they spend most of their time cranking out these beauties and there is always a line out the door for these sandwiches. The olive salad has a nice acid to it, which cuts the fattiness of the meat and cheese. It’s very well balanced and one sandwich could easily be two or three meals.

If you are in New Orleans, even if only for one day, I suggest you make it a priority to stop and pick one of these up. Don’t forget to grab me one!

Central Grocery on Urbanspoon

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