Cupcake Inspired Pancakes and Da Kine Grinds in Las Vegas – Babycake Cafe

Babycakes Cafe - Las Vegas

One of the biggest reasons we go to Vegas is to explore all the food options. You may be surprised how much of a foodie town Las Vegas is, well beyond the Strip. This last trip, we went to Babycakes Cafe (@BabycakesCafeLV), which is about 20 minutes off the Strip. Their claim-to- fame is pancakes inspired by popular cupcake flavors — you know it was a must-try for Kim.

The pancakes were really good. They were light and fluffy but packed full of flavor. You can tell they put a lot of care into their pancakes and perfecting cupcake-like pancake batters. They had many flavors like lemon ricotta, peanut butter, strawberry and we had a hard time choosing. We decided to go with red velvet and carrot cake pancakes. Both were awesome and served with a cream cheese syrup. One suggestion for them, selfishly speaking, would be to create a pancake sampler to give customers an opportunity to try a variety of their flavors. We had to order two separate dishes just so we could taste more than one of their flavors.

Red Velvet Pancakes
Carrot Cakes

In addition to cupcake pancakes and traditional breakfast menu items, they also have Filipino and Hawaiian-inspired dishes. I ordered Rick’s adobo fried rice. This is a Filipino dish that includes shredded chicken adobo and fried rice, wrapped in egg.

Rick’s Adobo Fried Rice with Mac Salad
Inside Rick’s Adobo Fried Rice
Side of Portuguese Sausage

It was nice to find a place that Kim and I can both enjoy. It lets her justify eating cupcakes for breakfast and gives me an opportunity to eat dishes that I enjoyed when I lived in Hawaii. Moreover, it has a little bit of everything so you can satisfy a diverse group of people and palettes. The food was very good and we stuffed ourselves. They could work on their service a bit. They have a lot of teenagers working that don’t have a lot of service experience – you have to ask for refills or flag them down when you want your check, but the food was awesome, so it’s definitely worth a visit.

Babycakes Cafe on Urbanspoon


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