Buena Park High Food Truck Fest – Saturday, July 30

On July 30th, from 5-10pm top gourmet food trucks from LA and OC will come together at Buena Park High School, 8833 Academy Drive, Buena Park, CA.  The school’s head football coach, Anthony White, created the Buena Park High Fest in an effort to help his struggling athletes.  This is not the first time the coach has gone above and beyond to care for his players. From issuing food bags to doing their laundry the coach has been both mother and father to many of his players. These young men come from broken homes and have little, if any, financial means but what they lack money they more than make up for with heart. “We’re not beggars,” the coach explains. “I hope people understand that. We’re fighters. We’re playing for more than points around here, more than memories. We’re playing for each other.”

It seems that local businesses have even started to rally behind them. Dwight Dunagan from Fullerton Dental Associates wrote. “There are a lot of charities out there for other countries and foundations to help abroad. This charity event is for kids right here in our “Hometown” that are in a financial situations where they can’t even play sports. We’re always hearing of “The need to keep kids off the street” here our chance as citizens to help!”

Everyone has been pulled down from time to time. It is when the compassion of a stranger lifts us up, do we truly feel the beauty in this world.  Coach White through perseverance and passion has bonded these young souls together not only as a team but as a family. So if you are free on July 30th come out and support these local kids. If your heart will not get you going, hopefully your stomach will.  To find out more about this event, please visit the facebook events page http://ow.ly/5DPPI


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