Event Wrap-Up: Munchathon 2011 – Irvine, CA

Groups Waiting to Munch!

Today was the first ever Munchathon in Orange County.  This was a unique two part event.  The first part of the day was a 5K fun walk that had a wide variety of food and drink stations along the way.  The second part was a gourmet food truck gathering featuring many trucks from the OC and from Los Angeles.  We had a good time talking with some of the truck owners, other local foodies and of course eating all kinds of tasty treats.

Here are some pictures from the event:

I Love the Costumes!
One of Two areas that had Trucks
Fresh Fries LA was the First Stop on the 5K
There Were Even Obstacles! Irvine Lake in the Background
So Many Healthy People
They Look Happy to Cross the Finish Line!
Grilled Corn from The Lime Truck
Bacon Blue Iggys and The Bomb from The Greasy Wiener
Lobster Roll with Butter from The Lobsta Truck - Yum!
Just Chillin'
Carnitas Fries from The Lime Truck
More Trucks!
Chicken Adobo Bowl - Tapa Boy LA
Hawaiian Shave Ice - Tropical Shave Ice - Yum!
BOOYah - Chunk-N-Chip!

Click Here to see more photos from the event

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