Event Wrap-up Inland Empire Food Truck Fest

Today the IE Food Truck Fest went off with a bang. We got there early to check out the scene.  As you would expect there was a ton of food, tons of people and tons to check out.  I thought the event was very well put together.  They even ordered great weather.  Instead of talking about the festival, I think it is better to show you!  Check out some photos from the event:

@Mrs_SNFoodies waiting for @COOLHAUS (Open, Open, Open)
Michele from @grlldcheesetruk showing off the goods!
Now that is CHEESY! @grlldcheesetruk Special
Buffalo Balls with Mac N Cheese from @GreatBallsOT
Spicy Cheesy Bacon wrapped Wiener from @TheGreasyWiener
Cooling down with @TheBobaTruck
Getting busy at @NomNomTruck, @DosChinos and @TropShaveIce
Grub from @OCTempura
Crispy Lechon from @CurbsideCraving - Awesome!!
Roller Girls warming up
We were lucky to score media passes!

Click here to see more photos on our Flickr site

As you can see we had a great time!!

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