CHANCE TO WIN VIP PASSES: Alzheimer’s Gourmet Food Truck Block Party April 14

Alzheimer’s Food Truck Block Party to Wrangle More Than 20 Gourmet Food Trucks for Signature Event to Launch 2011 Walks to End Alzheimer’s

We recently posted an article about the upcoming Alzheimer’s Food Truck Block Party at the Central Park West in Irvine. There will be 20 gourmet food trucks from Orange County and Los Angeles, entertainment by DJ Ray Samora, and other assorted street performers.

The goal of this amazing event to encourage motivated and hungry guests to sign up for the upcoming Alzheimer’s Association’s 2011 Walks to End Alzheimer’s events beginning with Doheny Beach on May 7 and The District in Tustin on June 18.

We have a pair of VIP Passes to giveaway!!

VIP Pass includes:

  • Access to the gourmet mobile dining area and 19 gourmet food trucks
  • $5.00 in Truck Cluster Food Bucks
  • Swag Bag with cool stuff
  • Complimentary Smart Water

Contest details:  

There are a three ways to win:

1.  Follow @satnightfoodies and @AlzheimersOC (1 entry for each follow).

2.  After you follow, simply RT this link (1 entry). We’ve made it easier for you tweeters, all you have to do is copy and paste the following into twitter:

I entered to win VIP tickets to the @AlzheimersOC #GFT Block Party April 14 via @SatNightFoodies RT to enter!

3. Finally in the comment section below let us know which of the 20 gourmet food trucks you are looking forward to visiting the most

That means you can get a total of four entries!!

Contest ends Tuesday, April 12 at 11:59pm PT and the winner will be announced on April 13.  One lucky winner will win a pair of VIP passes (Valued at $25).  Good luck and happy tweeting!

Event details:

Location: Central Park West, Irvine (Michelson & Teller)

When: April 14, 2011 from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.


List of Gourmet Food Trucks:

Bacon Mania
Barbie’s Q
Barcelona on the Go
Chomp Chomp
Fresh Fries L.A.
Greenz on Wheels
Kabob Express
Longboard’ s Ice Cream
Louks to Go
Nom Nom
Short Stop BBQ
Tapa Boy L.A.
The Burnt Truck
The Flip Truck
The Lime Truck
The Munchie Machine
The OC Food Truck
Uncle Lau’s BBQ
Tino’s Pizza

43 thoughts on “CHANCE TO WIN VIP PASSES: Alzheimer’s Gourmet Food Truck Block Party April 14

    1. I agree! I refuse to pick just one “favorite” because each and every truck has their own style, flavor, and flare!

      New trucks to try that I have not experienced yet? The Munchie Macine and Tino’s Pizza.

  1. Can’t wait to finally try Shortstop BBQ! I can only hope their bbq is as awesome as the folks who run it. ❤

    1. Their Smoked Turkey Sandwich is simplicity at its best! I do feel like I am out in the old West and here comes the “Chuck Wagon” being driven by Alex or Andy…

      I heard their ribs are mighty tasty, too!

      1. I really like there ribs. Hmm…. maybe they will make them for Thursday!

  2. Such a shame about the time. By the time I get off work and make it to Irvine, the event will be halfway over.
    I hate to sound like a bandwagoner, but I really want to try Nom Nom Truck. Yeah I know…
    Other trucks I want to try are Greenz on Wheels, Munchie Machine, and Uncle Lau’s BBQ.

    P.S. Some spelling/grammar errors (because I’m finicky like that):
    Komondo => Komodo
    Louk’s to Go => Louks To Go
    Valentinos Pizza => Tino’s Pizza

    1. LOL, thank you for catching that. That is what I get for cut & paste. BTW the Nom Nom is good and worth visiting! I like Greenz as well and may try the other two.

  3. I am OBSESSED with the lime truck! They always have innovative and delicious foods and of course their drinks are BOMB!!! They are always my first and last stop at food truck events.

    1. They are one of my personal favorites as well. They always mix it up so I will have to stop by but I want to try some new ones. – Jason

    1. Something tells me the line for the Lime Truck is going to be crazy! I am planning to hit up Greenz on Wheels as well. I have heard good things! – Jason

  4. Sorry about piggy back riding everyone’s comments!

    I had Nom Nom one time back in December or Jan? In Fountain Valley until the location was shut down.

    Uncle Lau’s BBQ and Munchie Machine

  5. i,m lookingforward to trying The Munchie Machine becouse they have scooby snacks and smores also thy have a good vide about ther truck

  6. BaconMania, Nom Nom, and Munchie Machine.

    Spudrunners is a great pick for those who love fries. Their tomato basil dip is killer for your tastebuds and heart.

    The Burnt and Lime Truck are OC staples. If you’re coming from LA, definitely give them a try.

    1. I need to try that one as well. Wonder if anyone that reads this post has any suggestions?

  7. Just one food truck?!? I’m excited for Baconmania, Louks to go, spud runners, nom nom, oc food truck! All of them! Sounds awesome!

  8. i would love to hit up some of the trucks i haven’t tried before…
    Nom Nom

    of course, The Lime Truck, Short Stop BBQ and Louks are good too….

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