Test Kitchen – Mocha and Blood Orange Madeleines

I am not known for my baking skills. Even when I worked in the restaurant biz, baking was my curse. I could not even make something as simple as chocolate chip cookies. However, now that I am older, it seems easier than I remember. We spent some time this weekend working on a few Madeleine recipes. This time we experimented with different flavors. We learned a ton and will use that in our next session.

Mocha Madeleines

I was super excited about these but they didn’t come out the way I anticipated. In this case I took a standard Madeleine recipe and added Starbucks Via instant coffee along with shavings of unsweetened chocolate. This batch came out almost bitter tasting. The coffee flavor was right on but the chocolate didn’t work. The chocolate looked great, providing a nice marble-effect, but next time I would use semi sweet instead.

Rescued with Semi Sweet Chocolate

Lucky for me Kim came up with a great idea that saved these from the trash. Kim melted semi-sweet chocolate and dipped them the Madeleines. They were awesome after that! If you plan to dip your Madeleines in chocolate, using unsweetened chocolate in the batter is fine. If you are not dipping them, then make sure you use semi sweet chocolate in the batter.

Blood Orange Makeleines

We juiced a bunch of fresh blood oranges and reduced it down along with Grand Marnier to make a syrup. We folded the syrup and some fresh blood orange zest into the batter. For half of the batch we sprinkled some raw sugar in the Madeleine mold, before pouring the batter in, for some texture and additional sweetness. The sugar was a nice touch but the cool part was you could really taste the freshness of the zest. Then you also get a rush of citrus flavor on the back end. It was really unique and it made them addicting. Next time, I plan to reduce the juice a bit more so I do not water-down the batter. I would also add raw sugar to every Madeleine mold . Not so much for the sweetness but it because it adds a slight crunchy texture.

Any suggestions on flavors we should try next?

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