The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que – Driftwood, TX

I have never understood the fascination people have with barbeque. I have tried it from many different places but it never tasted super tender or as flavorful as what they show you on TV.

That is until we went to Salt Lick Bar-B-Que in Driftwood, TX, a little town outside of Austin. I equate Salt Lick to something like Mrs. Knott’s (a chicken dinner restaurant in Buena Park, CA). However this is more of a barbeque amusement park and not a restaurant at an amusement park. It starts as soon as you pull up the gravel and dirt driveway. And while you wait for your table you can purchase hand squeezed lemonade and popcorn or view the BBQ pit before you are seated.

Killer Pit!

But these guys take barbeque and serving barbeque seriously. They had everything, sausage, brisket, ribs, turkey, chicken and a lot of slides. They even make their own pickles which were awesome.

Beef Brisket, Sausage and Pork Ribs

The brisket was the kicker for me. It was AMAZING. It was melt in your mouth tender. It had so much flavor and a great smoke ring. My mouth is drooling now just thinking about it.

Check out the Brisket!

The turkey and chicken were super moist. The texture of the sliced turkey breast was similar to a deep fried turkey breast. The chicken had a smoke ring as well. It fell off the bone and was one of the delicious highlights.

1/2 Chicken Dinner

I really liked their sausage. I was not able to find out if they made it, but I am guessing they have it made for them. Great pork flavor and I could have eaten the slices like popcorn.

I had the baby back ribs and they did not disappoint. Every single bite was clean off-the-bone perfect. Salt Lick’s homemade spicy BBQ sauce worked well with them.

Killer House Made Pickles

If I have a chance to get back to Salt Lick, I would make sure to order their “Family Style,” all you can eat offering. The sides were fine but I would rather save room for all of the amazing meat.

All in all a great place and I understand why they get such great marks on both Yelp and Urbanspoon. I even tried their small shop at the Austin airport and it was also good. However, if you have time, drive out to Driftwood (in the middle of no where) and go to the original. It is worth the time and it is a great experience.

The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que on Urbanspoon

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