More from the Great Food Truck Race – Austin Daily Press

Kim and I went to Austin, Texas on another one of our foodie adventures. You may think that Austin is an odd place to choose. To be honest, one of the reasons we picked Austin was the airfare was cheap and Kim needed one more flight to earn back her “status” on American Airlines. While we were doing research for the trip we noticed there was a huge foodie culture in Austin.

We landed around 11 p.m. and the very first place we stopped was Austin Daily Press. We had to go, just to say we had eaten at another contestant from the Great Food Truck Race. We really didn’t think it would be any good but we were wrong.

Eggplant Parm & Mozz with Homemade Marinara

We ordered the eggplant parm & mozz with homemade marinara. This was way better and more complex than I expected. It came out nice and hot and the bread had a great crunchy texture. It was made with fresh, grilled eggplant (not frozen breaded), mozzarella cheese and marinara, which blended perfectly together.

I really wish this wasn’t the first place we checked out because we had so many other places we wanted to try. We had to stop ourselves from trying everything on their menu.

If you are in the Austin area, make the time to stop. They are pretty easy to find if you are downtown. Best of all they’re not just hype. There is some real culinary talent to be tasted.

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2 thoughts on “More from the Great Food Truck Race – Austin Daily Press

  1. You would be amazed, Austin actually has food truck/cart lots that are permanent features. Some even have bathrooms and fire pits. Some even are BYOB! We hear Portland is the same way.

    Which GFR truck did you try? We have had Nom Nom, Grill em’ All, Nana Queens, Crepes Bonaparte, Ragin Cajun and not Austin Daily Press. One more to go!! I guess it is time to go back to San Francisco.

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