Lunch on the Run – Saturday, January 8 – Fountain Valley

If you’ve never been to a Gourmet Food Truck Event definitely check this one out! 17 Gourmet Food Trucks all in one place bringing you the most delicious fare! BBQ, Latin/AsianFusion, Authentic Creole, Filipino, East Coast Hot Dogs, Gelato, Delicious Shrimp, Argentinian, Peruvian/Japanese, Coastal Fusion, Cupcakes and Treats and so, so much more.

The best part, it’s all in one convenient place! Bring your beach chair, your family and your friends and taste foods from all over the world. Home and Garden Collection Store is hosting the event and will be having a $10.00 sale in the parking lot just for you!

This weeks lineup:

Shortstop BBQ – Southern California BBQ (@ShortStopBBQ)
Dan Dan BBQ – Asian Fusion (@DanDanBBQ)
Dos Chinos – Latin Asian Cuisine (@DosChinos)
Rolling Sushi Van – Sushi and Frozen Yogurt (@RollingSushiVan)
Auto Creamery – Ice Cream Truck(@Creamery1)
The Shrimp Pimp – Shrimp and Much More (@ShrimpPimpTruck)
The Greasy Wiener – Wieners & Iggy’s (@TheGreasyWiener)
Rancho A GoGo – Competition BBQ (@RanchoAGoGo)
The OC Food Truck – Sandwiches (@TheOCFoodTruck)
Oh For Sweets Sake – Cupcake Truck (@OhForSweetsSake)
Chomp Chomp Nation – Singapore American (@chompchomptruck)
Vizzi Truck – Visionary Cuisine (@VizziTruck)
Piaggio On Wheels – Argentine Taco Truck (@PiaggioOnWheels)
White Rabbit – Filipino Fusion (@WhiteRabbitTruk)
Crazy Creole Cafe – Food of New Orleans (@crazycreolecafe)
Lomo Arigato – Peruvian and Japanese Fusion (@LomoArigato)
Bacon Mania Truck – American Unapologetic Man-food (@BaconMania)


Home and Garden Collection Store
10700 Spencer
Fountain Valley, CA

4 thoughts on “Lunch on the Run – Saturday, January 8 – Fountain Valley

    1. I am totally with you on that one! I think it is a great idea and I almost want to chase it down! LOL

    1. Now that was really bad on my part. Not sure how I missed it! It was right down below but stil no excuse! 🙂

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