Pillows of Love – Libby's Manapua Shop – Honolulu, HI

If you are a regular reader of our blog, then you know that I used to live in Hawaii. I have been back on the mainland for 14 years but as often as I can, which is usually when airfare is cheap, I try to get back to Hawaii. One of the things I miss most about Hawaii is the food. Yes it is beautiful and the weather is nearly perfect but the food is what calls to me.

One of my all time favorite places is Libby’s Manapua Shop, in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu. This past October Kim and I snuck away for a three day holiday to do one of our classic foodie tours. Within 30 minutes of getting off the plane we picked up our rental car and drove straight to Libby’s. Some would say that is crazy but if you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying fresh manapua from Libby’s, you get it.

Manapua is similar to a Chinese Bao but nothing like what you buy in the store (unless you live in Hawaii). Traditionally, they are steamed buns, filled with char siu pork but Libby’s makes them more Hawaiian style. We usually get two kinds of manapua, pork and chicken. Libby’s manapua is always super fluffy and light. Like I said, not like the bao you get here on the mainland. The shredded kalua pork manapua is my favorite. Kim loves their chicken version which comes with grated carrots, green onions and is flavored with ginger, cumin and five-spice deliciousness.

Pork (left) and Chicken (right) Manapua
Pork Hash

Libby’s also makes a few other items. The most popular of which is their pork hash or otherwise called a pork shu-mai. They are about twice the size of your normal shu-mai and must be eaten warm. They are juicy, and the pork flavor is intense. They melt in your mouth. If you like shu-mai, make sure you get two or three of these You will thank me!

Turkey Pot Stickers (left) and Veggie Spring Rolls (right)

Pork Chowfun

Some of their other menu items include, chowfun, veggie fried spring rolls, and turkey pot stickers. All are very good, and made fresh daily.

Inside Libby's

Because their food is made fresh daily and will most likely sell out, make sure you get there early. When you are in line know what you want before you get to the counter. There is ALWAYS a line and the women behind the counter will move it quickly.I If you are the “clog” in their line watch out! If you keep both of those things in mind then you will love, love, love this place.

Love this pink box!

To give you a little insight into how crazy Kim and I are about this place, on this last trip which was three and a half days mind you, we visited Libby’s Manapua Shop three times! Another tip, they will freeze and pack some for you to take home with you. Just purchase them the day before you leave and they will make them fresh the next day, freeze them and then you can pick them up on the way to the airport. If you go, feel free to bring us back some!

Libby Manapua Shop Inc. on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Pillows of Love – Libby's Manapua Shop – Honolulu, HI

  1. Those buns look might good! I’ll remember Libby’s and your other recommendations for our next trip to Oahu. Mahalo 🙂

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