Event Wrap-up: OC Fair New Year's Eve Block Party 2010

We were invited to the New Year’s Eve Block Party that was put on by the OC Fair.  We wanted to share some photos with you from the event.  This was the first time the people that put on the OC Fair every year managed the event themselves.

There was a ton going on!

From the moment we walked in to the time we left we had a great time.  There were about 20 gourmet food trucks along with a few traditional food vendors you would expect at the fair.  There was a ton of music being played on some good sized stages, taxi cab demolition derby and more.

We were lucky enough to score from great passes!

The VIP section was decked out and featured Monster Energy Drink, Adult Chocolate Milk and five of the gourmet food trucks (Cabli, Chomp Chomp Nation, The Greasy Wiener, Piaggio on Wheels, and Ragin Cajun.  There were a bunch of well situated couches and cocktail tables.  The first hour was emceed by Dan Iehl (@GourmetFoodTrk).  That was a lot of fun to watch. Overall it was a perfect setting to just relax and hang out after a bunch of dancing and partying.

We did not stick around the entire night but we had a blast.  Saw a lot of friends and other foodies.  Enjoyed food from a couple of new trucks.  I am looking forward to next year!  Happy New Year 2011

Click here to check out some of our photos from the event!

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