Save the Food Trucks & Food Truck Tweet-up Join Forces at Long Beach Street Food Fest – Saturday, October 9

As you know Save the Food Trucks is joining forces with Food Truck Tweet-up on October 9, 2010 at the Long Beach Street Food Festival. There will be a table setup for anyone that is interested in more information on the challenges and successes of the Gourmet Food Truck phenomenon. The meet-up will also be a great place for Twitter and Facebook fans to meet their tweeps face-to-face.

During the event there will be guest Gourmet Food Truck owner/operators on hand to answer questions, take pictures and meet their loyal fans. Here is partial list of the Gourmet Food Truck owner/operators that will be stoping by the table.

  • The Grilled Cheese Truck
  • The Greasy Wiener
  • Tropical Shave Ice 
  • Knock Out Taco Truck
  • Fresh Fries LA 
  • Slice Truck
  • Crepes Bonaparte
  • Great Balls on Tires

Kim and Jason from Saturday Night Foodies will be at the table as well along with some top bloggers in Souther California. Joining us will be Marian from Marian the Foodies and Chris from The Food Trucker.

They have also announced that special guest Matt Geller from the SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association will be stopping by between 11:00 & 1:00. We recently met Matt looking forward to listen to be discuss all the things gourmet food trucks are doing. In addition you can learn about what the association does to help the community and the Gourmet Food Trucks.

Save The Food Trucks was launched to publicize the great things Gourmet Food Trucks do for the community, charities and redevelopment of downtown locations in cities across the country. Its also a place to call out the challenges that face food trucks from politicians, developers and private land owners. When you have a chance I strongly recommend you check out their site and see some of the letters people have submitted. There is a lot of good stuff going on.

Food Truck Tweet-up is simply a way for people with a love of Gourmet Food Trucks to get together and put a face to a tweet. The overall purpose is to help build a solid family oriented community of like minded Gourmet Food Trucks lovers. As you would expect we are big fans of Food Truck Tweet-up. It has been fun to meet people that enjoy the trucks as much as we do.

We are looking forward to seeing you Saturday!

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