Event Wrap-up – Gourmet Food Trucks Rocked Orange County – OC Foodie Fest

Yesterday was the long anticipated OC Foodie Fest at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. Picture this, 50 of some of the best gourmet food trucks from Orange County and Los Angeles, along with bands, dance crews, art, Pretend City, and small booths selling arts and crafts. As you would expect, we, like the 8,500+ others that attended, are still recovering.

Sold Out Event! – It Had Not Even Started Yet

It was a very fun, well executed event. Thanks to all of you that read and support Saturday Night Foodies, we were given early “media” access to the event. We were able to check out the event before it got too crazy. We also had a chance to meet fellow tweeps, talk to some of the truck owners and other “foodie” media.

But, the best part of all, we got to enjoy some incredible food. Of course, we had to visit some of our favorites but got to try some new trucks too. Unfortunately, we were not able to get though our entire list of trucks. That was because many trucks had very long lines. We did get plenty to eat and the trucks we missed will not elude us for long.

Nom Nom Truck had One of the Longest Lines

Here are some photos from the event. There was a lot to see and eat.  More pictures will be posted to our Facebook page over the next few days.  http://www.facebook.com/satnightfoodies

Debut of the New Truck from Chunk-N-Chip
Also Awarded 2nd Favorite Truck

DogZilla Hot Dogs Ready to Go

Sweets are Ready – The Sweets Truck

Fresh Made
Drinks and Chips are Ready – The Lime Truck

ShellFish Ceviche from The Lime Truck

Wasn’t all Food, How about some Shopping?

Escape from the Crowds

VIP Area had Some Shade

Our Friendly Bartender


Daniel and Chef Jason from The Lime Truck
Also Awarded Most Popular Truck

Luxurious Shellfish Ceviche from The Lime Truck
You have to try this!

Great Balls on Tires were Awarded 3rd Most Popular Truck!

OC Balls from Great Balls on Tires – Amazing!

“Grandma” from Slice Truck

Worldfare provided some Shade as well

The Lime Truck and COOLHAUS

Roasted Pear with Nutmeg Ice Cream and Oatmeal Cookies – Dang!

6 Pound Burrito Eating Competition by White Rabbit Truck

Sol Cocina was the Guest on Cart for a Cause

Duck Tacos from Flying Pig Truck

Truffle Fries from Komodo

6 thoughts on “Event Wrap-up – Gourmet Food Trucks Rocked Orange County – OC Foodie Fest

  1. The Lime Truck was definitely one of my faves! I also tried the roasted pear and nutmeg from Coolhaus = awesome! Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet. Hopefully next time!

  2. @The michelin project: That is funny, I noticed a number of people that go to food trucks often tried the roasted pear with nutmeg from Coolhaus. We really liked that one as well. So fresh! Sorry we missed you as well! Are you going to any of the truck food courts this week?

  3. @Robert – LOL, you missed some good stuff. However The Lime Truck always has some killer specials so you are good there. Komodo Truck's Truffle fries are a constant menu item and the same for the duck tacos from Flying Pig truck. What did you like from the fest?

  4. My fav at OCFF was the OC Balls by GBOT, especially the risotto/mozz ball. I thought the Foie Gras Mousse on crostini was creative and superb – The Lime Truck. My wife liked the Pulled Pork Slider by Piaggio, but I would like to eat that next to the Pulled Pork Sandwich from Ford Filling Station. We ate Sweet Potato Fries w Nutella/PB, and the Natural Fries w Goat Cheese and Raspberry Jam, and both were excellent. Thank God we ate a Beet Salad and Gazpahco from The Lime Truck to balance out the sugar over load. However then we were in line at Coolhaus all they had left was Chocolate Chip cookies whiched overwhelmed the Balsamic Fig/Mascarpone and the Brown Butter with Candied Bacon. Both were very good, but by then I ate too much to enjoy them. Next time the Coolhaus Carbernet/Lambrusco. Usually I catch The Lime Truck at The Bruery in Placentia. One of my favs by them is the Effing Burger, next the Short Ribs (cooked in beer) and any of their Paninis. They are always creating something special, however I will have to beg for their Ceviche.

  5. Dang Robert! Awesome summary. I think you guys ate more than we did. A great place to catch coolhaus is first fridays in Venice on Abbott Kinney. This Friday they will most likely be there along with ~25 other trucks are lined up at the Brig and along the street. If you get there around 6 to 6:30 you can usually jump on a few trucks before it gets too cray!

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