Long Beach Street Food Festival 2010

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this year there seem to be a ton of foodie events going on in Southern California. It is hard to keep up with them all!

This past weekend was the first ever Long Beach Street Food Festival. You may have read the article we wrote leading up to the event. The Long Beach Junior Chamber of Commerce Charitable Foundation brought together a bunch of gourmet food trucks, with ticket proceeds benefiting the Adopt-A-Teacher program and Long Beach City College Student Scholarships.

The event had an amazing turnout. Not surprising, I mean 20+ gourmet food trucks on a beautiful summer day at Rainbow Lagoon Park in Long Beach. Perfect weather, great music and spectacular food, how could it not be a success?

We were lucky enough to get in to the event early and hung out most of the day. We had a wonderful time and ate a lot of great food. We did not get to every truck but stay tuned to this blog for more in-depth coverage on some of our favorite food truck experiences.

We look forward to supporting this event in the future! Check out these photos from the event.

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