New Food Truck Bringing Refreshment and Amazing Food to the OC – The Lime Truck – Irvine, CA

When life gives you lemons, I suggest you get a limeade from one of OC’s newest gourmet food trucks. The Lime Truck has been in service for less than a month and already there is a lot buzz around Orange County.

First glance at the menu on their website they are a healthy California cuisine truck by day, by night they have a funky “after dark” menu perfect after a couple of libations. Then when you arrive you find an additional surprise of some mouth watering specials.

Chicken Brie Panini

We have visited the Lime Truck twice now and both times we tried different items. To be honest most were specials. They just sound so good when you are trying to decide. This last time we tried one of their regular items, the Chicken Brie “Panini” with arugula pesto and dried cranberries. First off I have to say this is not a Panini, but more of a grilled cheese. With that said it was a very tasty sandwich. I did not taste the dried cranberries (maybe they were missing) but the pesto offered a nice flavor. The grilled bread had good crunch, which added to the appeal of this sandwich.

Pizza Bomba’s

Now on to the specials we tried, first is one of my new favorite things I have eaten from a truck…..oh heck with it, it is one of the most original things I have eaten anywhere in a long time. This would be their Pizza Bomba’s. Pizza Bomba’s are little balls of garlic herb dough with fresh mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, and a spicy marinara sauce on the side. They have the crunch of a perfect pizza crust with the tenderness of fresh bread and all the flavor from the cheese and prosciutto. The marinara sauce is the perfect compliment.

The Effing Burger

Now for “The Effing Burger”, Kobe burger with red onion marmalade, two cheeses (I know there was some blue cheese in there), arugula, mustard and mayo all on a homemade parmesan pretzel bread. Nice burger, cooked perfectly, seasoned well. The blue cheese really fit in, and it did not over power the burger at all. That is a hard thing to get right!

Ultimate Taco with Slow Roasted Pork

Next we are on to their “Ultimate Taco”. It had a lot of tender slow roasted pork, guacamole, cabbage slaw, cotija cheese, all wrapped in two soft corn tortillas. The pork had a lot of flavor and they really packed it in. Many food trucks use the smaller taqueria size tortillas, however these guys use the larger restaurant size and filled them up. The taco was a meal in itself. Two of these and you will go away happy. I really liked the saltiness of the cotija cheese; it is really a nice touch.

Truffle Arincini

Time for the Truffle Arincini. These are little crispy breaded deep fried risotto cakes with mozzarella and white truffle oil. They were super crunchy on the outside. These, you want to eat hot. They came with some arugula pesto as well but we found that it did not add anything. Very good appetizer. If you do not eat meat then these are perfect for you!

“The Most Interesting Sandwich in the World”

Next was “The Most Interesting Sandwich in the World” which is a grilled cheese stuffed with baked mac and cheese, grilled chicken, and bacon. At first glance I was not impressed. However after the first bite I changed my tune quickly. The mac and cheese was creamy, seasoned perfectly and a great cheese flavor. They added a thick slice of cheddar to tie it all together. I really liked the “grilled cheese” touch.

Blackberry Limeade

Cannot forget the most refreshing part of our visit. This would be the Blackberry Limeade. The limeade was a nice finisher to a great meal. Not too sweet, but with lots of berries. I suggest you try one of their homemade drinks on your visit.

One thing you will notice is Chef Jason is always working on new items so it is hard to go only once and think you know what they do. After talking to his partner Daniel it sounds like Jason puts a ton of time and effort into the recipes they use on the truck. The specials are this artist’s canvas.

Both Daniel and Jason were super friendly. Both times we went, Daniel was in front of the truck greeting everyone, answering questions and taking the orders. The additional interaction added to the experience. The Lime Truck is very active on Twitter and took a couple of opportunities to “tempt” us and others to visit them. I am glad we did!

Lime Truck on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “New Food Truck Bringing Refreshment and Amazing Food to the OC – The Lime Truck – Irvine, CA

  1. Thanks again for some great photos and your take on the food. I have had the pleasure of eating from Daniel and Jason's The Lime Truck and I have to say the Blackberry Limeade and Effing Burger were excellent.

  2. i like the focus on the gourmet food trucks. i too liked the lime truck. This Blog is really well put together, and i love how in depth, and adventurous you got with your research. Kudos! i'm gonna definitely bookmark this blog.

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