Not Your Normal Wiener – The Greasy Wiener – Venice, CA

Finally made my way out to Venice to grab a dog from the Greasy Wiener. The Greasy Wiener is a gourmet food truck that cruises around LA serving up some top-notch dogs. 

These are not like hotdogs when you had when you were a kid that you poured ketchup on. These are kick ass hot dogs that have been perfected over the last 9 years.

Spicy Greasy Wiener!

I have been wanting to try one of these wieners. Adam who is one of the owners suggested I get the “Spicy Greasy Wiener”. This dog like the rest of their dogs starts with a deep fried snap dog. This is not your normal grocery store dog. These are dogs made specifically for the Greasy Wiener with their own recipe. How cool is that? This one came wrapped in bacon and was topped with grilled onions and jalapenos with a fresh pickle wedge on the top. This was a work of art in a bun. Nice snap when I bit into it and the grilled onions and jalapenos added the right amount of heat. This was a really good dog.


As you would expect their specialty is hot dogs however they do offer “Iggys”. Iggys are little Angus sliders served up on King’s Hawaiian roles with gooey American cheese, sautéed onions, pickles and some “secret” sauce. These are awesome. The burger was seasoned to perfection and the way the cheese was melted on top just made me want to slam both of sliders down. I had to take time to savor!

I had a chance to chat with Adam a bit and learn more about how they got started. I suggest you check out their story and video. Adam is very proud of what he and his brother and their C.I.A chef partner have been able to put together. After talking to others and from my own experience they should be. One of the best hot dogs I have had.

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