Now This is Pizza! – Slice Truck

One of the age long arguments between foodies has been which pizza is better, Chicago style deep dish or New York style foldable pie with a crispy crust. I have lived in southern California or Hawaii most of my life so I would typically copout and say “it depends”. That was until last night; now my new answer is “who cares, you have obviously not been to the @SliceTruck!”

Slice Truck is a Los Angeles based truck that made it’s way down to the Atomic Ballroom in Irvine this weekend. I have heard a lot of good things about the Slice Truck from people on Twitter but never really thought much about it. However whenever a LA based food truck wonders down to the OC we try to make sure to go out and support them. More gourmet food trucks in the OC is a good thing!

Sausage with Roasted Yellow Peppers and Mushroom! WOW!

Pepperoni and Cheese – Round Two! 

If you have not figured it out yet, my wife and I really liked the Slice Truck. On this visit they offered four different options and we ended up getting at least one of each. Three of the four are a more traditional New York style pizza. Each had a spectacular crust that was crispy on the bottom. The thicker part of the crust was like biting into a fresh French baguette. The sauce used on these was amazing as well. It was tomato based with a small bite of spice. In addition there was cheese and fresh basil on top.  

Grandma – Yum!

As good as those were (and they were incredible), the “Grandma” was the star of this show. The Grandma is a square pan pizza with cheese, crushed roma tomatoes, garlic and basil. This one had a thinker more buttery crust that was crunchy on the bottom while at the same time tender. We had to get two slices. In case you were wondering this was is just as good cold! Now that is a dang good piece of pizza.

We started with a piece of sausage and a grandma and because those were so good we went back and picked up the rest.  I was glad we saved some for breakfast the next morning.

The SliceTruck itself is a nice new Freightliner. Very clean and you cannot miss the glowing “OPEN” signs all the way around it. It feels like a pizzeria counter. The owner had the time to chat and was very nice. They tweet out their location and answer questions on Twitter but do not do a ton of interaction beyond that. The only bad thing about this is I hope that it does not discourage people to try them out.

If you are a pizza lover or a food truck fan you have to check out the @SliceTruck! You will not be disappointed.  

SliceTruck on Urbanspoon

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