Now There is a Vegetarian Food Truck in the OC – Seabirds Truck – Orange County, CA

Last weekend we heard rumors of a brand new gourmet food truck in the OC. Turns out this alleged truck was parked over at Tanaka Farms in Irvine. We had to go check them out. Turns out the Seabirds truck started serving organic vegetarian and vegan fare in May. I have been to all kinds of trucks in the last serval months. However this is one of the first ones that was completely vegetarian.

I have learned that good food is good food and it comes in many styles. Seabirds serves good food! They have a very simple menu. Couple appies, couple of tacos, couple “burgers” and some very good sweet potato fries. They have a simple truck. Nice and clean as you would expect. They also try to be earth friendly. Even their “plastic” bags are degradable.

Beer Battered Avocado taco

Enough small talk, I know you come here for the food! Seabirds truck is no joke. As with any food truck we visit we had to grab a few items. First was their Beer Battered Avocado taco. Yum! This was a taqueria style taco but with this piece of love in the middle. The piece of love was the crispy but buttery battered and fried avocado topped with cabbage, onions and some sauce. All of this in two warmed corn tortillas. These tacos sell like crazy so make sure you try one if you get a chance.

Seared Tofu Taco

Next was their seared tofu taco. The flavor and texture reminded me of a chicken taco you would get at a taqueria in Santa Ana and you know how good those can be. The tofu had a very nice firm texture and was perfectly seasoned. It was topped with diced onions, fresh cilantro and a spicy green sauce. I wanted to grab another couple of these. Those vegetarians may be on to something.
Seabird Burger - Yum!
I do not know about you but when I see “Burgers” on a vegetarian food truck I just have to try one out. I picked the self titled Seabird. It is a seed and nut patty with lettuce, tomato, onion and their own seabird sauce. Yeah, this sounded weird to me as well. All I can say is I am now a believer. This almost had the texture of a real hamburger but it had a flavor all it’s own. It was like having a veggie burger but without the over powering mushroom taste. It was earthy but distinct. Very good, the other ingredients were super fresh so that added a lot. The bun was nicely toasted. I will get one of these again.

Sweet Potato Fries

Finally it is on to their sweet potato fries. I am not a big sweet potato fan but considering what I was hearing from others on Twitter we had to try them. These were not what you see usually, they are cut and super lightly battered. The nice thing about the batter is they hold their crisp for a long time. My wife Kim said they were some of the best sweet potato fries she has had. Considering the way they prepare them I can understand why!

The only somewhat negative thing I can say about them is we had to wait quite awhile for out food. They had a steady stream of people which is good but it still took much longer than we expected. I am sure they will work the kinks out of there process. I think it is impressive that that was the only “gripe” I had. Nice job Seabirds!

We had a very good lunch and are looking forward to visiting them again. They are on Twitter but they have not quite gotten the hang of it yet. Hopefully they do soon because I think they have a chance to become a hit in the OC.

Seabirds Mobile Truck on Urbanspoon

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