Yes, I Really Do Like SPAM! – Kogi BBQ

Just got back from our vacation to Scotland and we really missed being able to eat at a gourmet food truck.  Today at lunch I ran over to @kogibbq Naranja in Irvine for a quick fix.

I picked us up a few of our normal items like there kimchi quesadilla, chicken taco, tres leches, and korean short rib burrito.  I also picked up their special of the week, Daisy Dukes and Flip Flops. These are sliders with double stacked spam, kimchi, cheese, salad, and creamy coconut milk mayo.  Yes you read that correctly, there is SPAM in these sliders!  They were very good.  The ingredients all played very nicely together.  The spam and the kimchi were the big flavors while the cheese and coconut milk mayo rounded them out perfectly.

Daisy Dukes and Flip Flops

Close up picture of the inside

These should become a regular menu item, but I hear great things about all of their specials so that would get to be huge.

Great work Kogi team, keep it up!

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