Last Stop on First Friday – Lee's Philly – Venice, CA

This May we had the pleasure of checking out First Friday in Venice. First Friday happens every month on Abbott Kinney in Venice. Starting at the Brig parking lot and all the way down the street you will find people and gourmet food trucks. On this occasion we saw about 24 of them. The street was packed for a couple of blocks.

Our last stop of the night was at Lee’s Philly. Lee’s is a food truck that does philly cheesesteaks and burritos. However they offer a twist. Korean style Gogi beef and chicken stuffed into a philly or burrito. The combination may sound odd. If you have not had much Korean food then this is a great place to experiment.

Gogi Beef Philly CheeseSteak

We ordered two things, first was their philly cheesesteak with gogi beef. This was AMAZING!! I will get this again and again. It had the gogi style beef with kimchi and cheese on a fresh roll. The gogi and kimchi were perfect. However the cheese and the bread made this something I will remember for a long time.

Chicken Gogi Burrito

Then there was the chicken gogi burrito which also had egg, kimchi, cheese, beans, rice and some cabbage. Easily one the best burritos I have had. Not the best but in the top five! They also make a type of avocado spicy sauce that was the perfect compliment to the flavors in the burrito.

On top of the great food the gentleman we spoke with was super friendly despite the fact he had a large crowd and very busy. Overall if was a very good experience. We will be visiting them again!

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