More Tastes from LA in the OC – Patty Wagon – Los Angeles

You would think with all of the food trucks we have been visiting that we would start getting sick of them a bit. However that is not the case. After a long day in the sun on Saturday we had to run down to Bootlegger’s Brewery in Fullerton to check out the latest gourmet food truck coming down from LA.

We were very happy to see it was the Patty Wagon. I have heard very good things from a number of people so we had to check them out for ourselves. Their claim to fame is their 100% grass fed meat for their hamburgers. Actually I hear about their fries a lot but I am jumping ahead. They also take pride in the locally grown veggies they use with their burgers.

One thing I want to get out of the way is if you do not eat red meat then there is not a lot available for you. This is the only truck that I have seen so far that does not have any alternatives. The fries are about it. Now that I said that, if you do enjoy red meat then you are really going to like this truck. I was lucky that on this occasion we had Kim’s brother with us. Instead of trying only 2 or 3 of their sliders I was able to sample 5 of them! It was almost like winning the lottery.

“Mood Indigo”

First off was the “Mood Indigo”, this one had blue cheese, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, bacon and all on toasted ciabatta. This one turned out to be the perfect start. To be honest I thought it was going to go downhill from here but I was wrong. The burgers in all cases were cooked perfect. Nice and juicy with great flavors.

“I Get a Kick Out of You”

Second was their “I Get a Kick Out of You”, which has roasted jalapenos, provolone, pancetta and a touch of mayo on a toasted roll. To start off these were not your canned sliced jalapenos you get in a jar. These tasted like they were roasted that day. Add to that the crispy pancetta and this was an action packed slider.

“Keep Your Sunny Side Up”

Then it was onto the “Keep Your Sunny Side Up”. This slider was topped with their homemade gremolata (lemon, garlic, parsley butter). Simple yet delicious. The butter was a nice compliment and did not over power the burger.

“You’re My Everything”

Next was the “You’re My Everything”. It was topped with sautéed sweet peppers, onions and garlic with Swiss cheese on a toasted roll. Once again bit on flavor. One thing that was very nice was the burgers did not all taste the same. Each one had a flavor profile all it’s own.

“La Vie En Rose”

Finally it was onto their special of the day, “La Vie En Rose” which had melted gruyere cheese and onions caramelized with thyme and vermouth. Unreal! I was glad I had this last. This slider had a ton of complex flavors. The onions with the creaminess of the cheese were amazing! I wonder if they have this often. If they don’t then they should!

Hand Cut Rosemary Garlic Fries

I do not want to forget the hand cut Rosemary Garlic fries, which were very good as well. These were not overly seasoned and very crispy. The sliders are the stars of the show but the fries rocked it!

If you like red meat and have a chance to try them out, do it! You will not be disappointed.

Patty Wagon on Urbanspoon

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