Late Night Craving – Crepes bonaparte & Louks to go – Downtown Fullerton, CA

You know when you get one of those cravings that you just can’t shake. Well I had a crepe craving last night. This is all Crepes Bonaparte’s fault! I blame them because they make a great crepe. I think Kim was sick of hearing me talk about it all day. So we checked out Twitter and saw that @crepesbonaparte would be at their normal Friday spot in downtown Fullerton.

We got there about 11pm and were pleasantly surprised to find not only @crepesbonaparte but also @loukstogo and @piaggioonwheels sitting there as well. SCORE!! We have been to Piaggio before and after our big dinner from @brcelonaonthego (another story!) we decided to just get something from Louks and Crepe Bonaparte.

First was Louks, which is a newer style truck with lots of windows. I like these because you can see everything that is going on kind of like an expedition kitchen in a fancy restaurant. Unfortunately their fryers were not working so we could not get fries or loukomades for dessert. That bummed me out as you can imagine. We did get a chicken gyro, which was on soft pita bread. The chicken was a little salty on its own but in the sandwich with lettuce, onions (I asked for no tomato) and tzatziki sauce it was perfect. I will have to visit these guys again in the future. Hopefully the fryers will be back working!

Chicken Gyro
Next was Crepes Bonaparte. Kim got the same thing as last time, which was a HazelBerryAna, but with a white crepe. This crepe has strawberries, bananas and Nutella. It was perfect. They make great crepes. I ordered their more popular Caprese. This one was also on a white crepe filled with chicken, mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh pesto. This one was very good as well. Nice complex flavor, and the pesto was perfect. I am hoping one of these days I can get a traditional turkey and cheese crepe (hint, hint).

Cool Mustache!

Caprese with a white crepe, Yum!

Lets just say that my craving was satisfied. If you have not been to see Crepes Bonaparte yet you need to do so! I think Louks will be added to that list as well but I will need one more visit to be sure. If the rest of their food is as good as the gyro then it should be an easy add.

Don’t forget if there is someplace you would like us to check out just let us know on our Facebook page.

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