Good Food and Good Booze! – @brcelonaonthego at Hi-Times in Costa Mesa, CA

What more can you ask for? A gourmet food truck at one of my favorite places Hi-Times.  This was just too good to pass up! First we went shopping and picked up some of Kim’s favorite wine and a couple of bottles of tequila for me.

Then it was on to the main event, finally trying out Barcelona on the Go. I have wanted to try these guys for a while. I have had the pleasure of being to Spain and had tapas. I assumed the food would be similar and I was not disappointed.
We ordered the top half of the menu which was a bit too much but it was worth it so we can share with our fans.

What a feast topped of with a 2008 Seghesio Zinfandel

First off was the Lentil Soup with Smoked Ham. This was a very good soup that had perfectly cooked lentils in a broth had a great pork flavor. It was not very hearty but Kim reminded me that not all soups are hearty. I enjoyed the soup but I could have really used some more “stuff” inside.

Lentil Soup with Smoked Ham

After that we had the Manchego Cheese Croquettes. These reminded me of chunky garlic mashed potatoes that were breaded then pan-fried. The texture was very good however we did not get a good taste of the cheese. If there was more cheese I would have called them perfect.

Manchego Cheese Croquettes

Next was the Papas Bravas, which are fresh cut thick french fries shaken with some spices. These were delicious. I wish I remembered what the spices actually were. It was almost like seasoning salt with paprika but less salty. Whatever it was it was a good combination.

Papas Bravas

Then we had the Potato and Egg Frittata, and again a good dish. There was a nice golden crust on the bottom and the sauce on top was a nice addition. If you have not had a frittata before this was like a scalloped potato but with onion, and eggs as the binder. The only problem we had was the fact we ordered way too much potato-based dishes.

Potato and Egg Frittata

Then it was onto the Chicken Empanadas. These were incredible. I love a good empanada and these were better than I am used to getting. The dough was cooked perfect and had a great texture. The flavor was chicken with the essence of bell peppers. I say essence because you could see the peppers but they did not overpower the chicken. These alone were worth the visit.

Chicken Empanadas

Finally we have their Paella Valenciana which had mussels, shrimp, calamari and spanish chorizo sausage. The flavor of this dish was pretty good. There was some sauce on top that was the same as the frittata but it did not really add anything with this dish. I wish there was more seafood, only found one little piece of calamari however the mussels were cooked perfect. The rice was crunchy which kind of bummed me out because it had a good flavor. Kim will tell you I am a bit of a rice snob and this rice was just undercooked. That will not stop me from trying it again in the future but I will have to go after the other things on their menu I have not yet been able to experience first.

Paella Valenciana

Overall it was good. Be careful that you do not go potato crazy like we did. We will visit them again. Don’t forget to get the empanadas.

All we need now is more gourmet food trucks to come into the OC. Seems there is one new one a week in LA. Hopefully it is getting a little crowded so they will have to migrate south(wishful thinking I know).

Barcelona Onthego (mobile food truck) on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Good Food and Good Booze! – @brcelonaonthego at Hi-Times in Costa Mesa, CA

  1. I re-read your blog on @BrcelonaOntheGo and i'm very happy you called out the not only the good parts but the small shortcomings. I think it adds to your credibility by being honest. Not every truck is GREAT and certainly they are not always good or bad. We all have out EXCELLENT days and our off days. With that said we will be teting them on Friday. Your friends at @GourmetFoodTrk –

  2. Thanks @GourmetFoodTrk! We hope you have a good meal. These guys are one of the top rated trucks int he OC and people love them. I am sure if we get the same dishes again they will knock them out of the park.

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