Good Food, Isn't Complicated – The Taco Dawg

That is the main theme at the @theTacoDawg and they nailed it! Dang, I really love food trucks. Food trucks are all the rage these days. Some people wonder and some people get in line and dive in. I am lucky enough that more and more food trucks are coming to Orange County.

Today I was able to sneak over to @theTacoDawg. I tried a number of delicious items (some would say I pigged out!). The Beach Comber taco, comes with your choice of meat, cheese, savory citrus slaw (w/mandarin oranges), and chipotle cream. I chose chicken for my taco and it was awesome. It has a soft corn shell with tender chicken, cabbage and all the rest of the trimmings. It was light but full of flavor.

The Beach Comber

The Texan has choice of meat (I got beef), cheese, bacon, lettuce, tangy Tex Mex and BBQ sauce on a soft corn tortilla. Once again a masterpiece! The meat was perfectly seasoned, the lettuce crisp and the sauce added a nice punch of flavor to the taco.

The Texan

The Dirty Dawg, was an all beef hot dog, smothered in homemade chili, nacho cheese (YES!), crumbled potato chips and onions. TASTY! The dog itself had a nice texture to it. They must be quality dogs or they are cooked perfect, or both. In addition, the chili was a perfect accessory and the cheese was just what you would picture…ooey gooey. I really enjoyed the Dirty Dawg.

The Dirty Dawg

Are you full yet? I was, but I trekked on to the Deep Fried Mac & Cheese! Picture a square serving of delicious mac and cheese about inch and a half thick, then rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried to a nice, golden brown. Now break it apart and dip it into some ranch dressing. Doesn’t that sound like artery-clogging goodness? Well, it is better than that! You have to try this.

Deep Fried Mac & Cheese

Oh yeah, I cannot forget the seasoned fries. Think curly seasoned fries from a drive thru but not curly and cooked perfectly.

It was an interesting experience because they were also filming for some sort of show. It was fun watching it. With all of that going on they still served up killer food. On top of that the people were really friendly so all around it was fun. This was a very good lunch. I will visit these guys again!

If you have still not been to a food truck, make a point to go. If you need help finding trucks, please let us know and we will point you in the right direction!

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