Why can't Every Meal be Breakfast – Paul's Coffee Shop

Finally we made it to Paul’s Coffee Shop in Fountain Valley, CA. Paul’s will be a joint on an upcoming episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (DDD). The coolest part for me is finding places like this that have not yet aired. For some reason they are extra special. The only other DDD we have been to prior to it being aired was Dottie’s in San Francisco. Hey, now that I think of it that was a breakfast joint as well.

We got to Paul’s on a Sunday morning and the place was already busy with what looked to be regulars. That was a very good sign. The other thing we noticed when we entered was the large board with their specials. There were many tantalizing offers posted.

From what I can tell Paul’s is known for their fresh ingredients and the fact that they do not skimp on anything. Talking with our very friendly waitress Mary Anna, we learned that Phil, the guy who owns the joint is very proud of the product that he serves.

It took a little while to decide. Between the specials and their regular menu there was quite a bit to choose from. Kim ordered the chicken fried chicken with eggs, hash browns and a biscuit. Think chicken fried steak but with a pounded out chicken breast. It was huge and took up a plate almost by itself. It was cooked perfectly with a great texture and flavor from the crispy salt and pepper batter. The kicker was the chicken gravy, super silky and full of flavor. It was like liquid gold. Amazing!

Chicken Fried Chicken with Gravy - Yum!

I ordered a Loco Moco, which is a couple scopes of rice topped with a hamburger patty topped with eggs and finally smothered in a brown gravy. I used to get this all of the time when I lived in Hawaii. Very popular there with the locals. It is hard to find something that compares here on the mainland but this was a grand exception. The Loco Moco was exactly how I remembered it. The rice and eggs were cooked perfectly. And this gravy was just as good as the other one. As Guy would say Paul’s is off the hook!

Hawaiian Style Loco Moco

I have a feeling this will become one of our regular weekend breakfast adventures! You have to check this place out.

Paul's Coffee Shop on Urbanspoon

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