Yelp Post from January 2009 – Matt's Big Breakfast

I wanted to start sharing some of our adventures over the last couple of years.  As I said before Kim and I have been to over thirty Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  The last week of December in 2008 we decided to do a road trip to Phoenix through Sedona and back to California via Williams.  It took 5 days.  We saw a lot and ate a ton of great food.

On this trip I found what is still my favorite joint, Matt’s Big Breakfast.  Here is the post I did on Yelp.  This was my first attempt to do a review on a restaurant.  Turned out people liked it.  I am planning to share more from that trip and other adventures but I think this is a good start!  Hope you Enjoy:
Matt’s Big Breakfast – Phoenix, AZ

Yes, I will admit that my family watches Triple D.  Now with that said my wife and I have been to a few of the joints showcased on that show.  As many of you that have started this journey like we have you find killer places and some okay places.  Matt’s is a KILLER place.

My wife and I were recently in the Phoenix area for a part of our vacation and planned to stop in for breakfast at Matt’s the first morning.  We got there ~8am on Saturday morning and only had to wait about 15 minutes.  Yes the place was small but being the two of us it was not a challenge.  There are about 9 tables total (assuming setup for 2) and 8 or so counter spots.

The food is awesome!!  It was so good we changed our plans and went back the next morning!

Here is what we had:

Pork chop marinated with pesto and eggs with home fries, side of bacon and toast with their very tasty home made jelly.  The pork chop is to die for.  I am a big pork chop for breakfast fan and usually very disappointed.  Not at Matt’s, it was tender and cooked perfectly.  My eggs were cooked exactly like I asked for and the bacon is like think slices of heaven!  I had to have bacon both mornings and I am not a breakfast bacon fan usually.  This bacon would make anything taste great!  My wife had the daily special which was chicken sausage, fresh spinach and fontina cheese scramble.  Once again cooked perfect, not greasy at all but with big flavor.  We both had home fries which were incredible.  Nice crust with some rosemary and caramelized onions.  Pretty close to perfect!

The next day my wife had the waffle, which she liked.  The fresh maple syrup was the real star of this dish.  She was kind enough to pass the bacon to me (I know twist my arm).  I had the breakfast special which was a sirloin steak, eggs and hash browns.  The steak was SUPER tender and cooked EXACTLY how I asked (you can tell I do not experience that often).  It was obviously a good cut of meat and had been seasoned very nicely.  The hash browns were very nice.  Crust on both sides and tender in the middle.  Exactly what you would hope for.  Lastly was their toast and home made jelly.  It was like butter!!!  Nothing like your store bought jelly.  I am not a jelly fan but ate all of it both mornings!!!

As for the service it was pretty good.  They were slammed on the first morning but were pleasant.  The family atmosphere really made the hustle and bustle not so bad.  The second time we went in they remembered us and took the time to talk for a few minutes and show their appreciation for us coming back so soon.  Very nice touch!

Overall this now my favorite breakfast joint from Triple D.  Whenever I travel to Phoenix I will plan to stop in.  I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants breakfast cooked the way it should be!

January 9, 2009

Oh yeah – Did not want to forget the photos!  I am hungry now!

Now that is Bacon!

Pork Chops, Eggs, and Home Fries!

Special – Chicken Sausage Scramble

Waffle and KILLER Bacon

Special – Steak, Eggs and Hash Browns

4 thoughts on “Yelp Post from January 2009 – Matt's Big Breakfast

  1. Great write up! I love bacon so much that she often breaks my heart. These photos look like true love. How far is the drive?

  2. I am not a huge bacon for breakfast fan (let the beatings begin) but this is some of the best bacon I have ever had! They are about 360 miles from Orange County. This place is a must stop if you are ever visiting Phoenix!! Dang I need to take a drive!

  3. You are correct Matt's is a must for anyone that wants a great breakfast. I have been there 3 times and have never been disappointed. The pepper bacon is AWESOME and the jelly is like you say.

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